Fashion Graduate: Paige Thorley

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Another year has ended and another hopeful group of fashion graduates venture into the ‘real world’, optimistic about forging their path in the fashion industry. We catch these bright young things fresh from their final year parade and find out what they have in store for the future…

MEET: Paige Thorley, QUT

Collection Name: Ethereal Perspective

Collection inspiration:

This Transeasonal 2013/2014 collection recognizes our human need to ethereally perceive our surroundings, and challenges this notion by exploring the African Landscape through the eyes of its true inhabitants. How a way of life that is all about survival, fear, escape and blood-shed can be ethereally blurred into a majestic landscape of elegance and beauty.

Print Inspiration:  I wanted to capture this inter-twining of perspectives, that of the ethereal and of survival. The blood-shed, reckless beauty, erratic pace of life, and mysterious elegance.

Design Detailing Inspiration: Perceived through the eyes of the cheetah the detailing was inspired by the slow motion run of a cheetah. Snapshots of the positions it is found in as it soars through the African Desert.

What was your favourite part of putting together your final year collection?

My favourite part, as crazy as it sounds, was hand-sewing all the intricate detailing into my garments such as hand pleating and the hand-sewing of my chiffon infused knit to create one off garments that can never be exactly replicated. I like to make my garments unique and loved the process of finishing them off in this manner making them a one of a kind garment.

So you’ve finished uni… what now? I actually still have 6 months of my degree to finish as I am doing the double degree in fashion and business and have a few business subjects to finish off but the plan after that is to make the big move over to London town and hopefully find myself a job in the industry starting out in the fashion buying sector.

What is your dream fashion job? The dream has always been to have my own business one day and I would love to be able to produce a ready-to-wear collection as well as evening and bridal wear. I’ve always dreamt of having one of my designs on the red carpet at the Oscars – might as well dream big.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be now? Juggling the difficulty of moving to a new country and finding a job that is in the fashion buying sector while being able to support myself in the process.

How do you think living in Brisbane will influence your next career steps? As much as I love Australia, my target market lies overseas and the experience I want to build and the thirst I have for travel and new adventures is taking me away from my homeland.

How do you think technology is starting to influence the fashion industry?

Technology is making consumers more demanding and impatient than ever, with 90 minute delivery for online shoppers in certain parts of London, fast fashion is taking over; making it hard for small designers, especially when starting out, to compete. It is actually quite a scary and intimidating thing for someone who wants to start their own label. Your point of difference needs to justify the massive leap from the cheap prices of fast fashion to the prices you as a designer have to charge to just stay afloat. If you want to be a designer, you have to love it and not have any dreams of being necessarily rich.

Where is your favourite place in Brisbane to eat/drink/shop? Freestyle dessert restaurant holds a very special place in my heart! That place is amazing!
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