Fashion Graduate: Natasha Dearden


Another year has ended and another hopeful group of fashion graduates venture into the ‘real world’, optimistic about forging their path in the fashion industry. We catch these bright young things fresh from their final year parade and find out what they have in store for the future…

Meet: Natasha Dearden, QUT 

Collection Name: “Escapism”

Collection inspiration: Looking at the positives of daily escapism, instead of the negative connotations that normally surround the term. I wanted to look at the role of beauty, daily luxury and a feminine touch can play in a positive daily escape into something more beautiful, but still wearable.

What was your favourite part of putting together your final year collection?  I was lucky enough to travel to New York in the middle of the year, so I very much enjoyed sourcing materials and embellishments and being inspired by that amazing city. I also really enjoyed the collaborative efforts which go into the final year collections.

So you’ve finished uni… what now? I am moving to Melbourne for the next few years, and then planning to move to Europe/ UK or New York after a few years experience in Australia. I also will have a bachelor in Business (marketing) So I am hoping to find something which can let me do a bit of both fashion and marketing.

What is your dream fashion job? A design role for a women’s wear label would be amazing. In the long term any sort of design element of large company’s like Miu Miu or Prada would be “the dream”, but in the short term I would love to get more design and creative direction work, and also look into more magazine based fashion/marketing roles. I would love anything that allows me to be creative and research.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be now? Finding a job that I both like and that pays! Networking is key from this point onwards for the rest of my career.

How do you think living in Brisbane will influence your next career steps? I think it has given me a very supportive base, through the one on one support we get from our small university course. I also think it gives you a drive to go out and find more big scale fashion projects and companies, as Brisbane (however growing it is in its creative scene these days) is still small when it comes to mid-to-large scale fashion brands.

How do you think technology is starting to influence the fashion industry? I feel that there is a lot more competition out there for innovative textiles and processes. Alongside this, I think the was you display your brand – product, aesthetic, accessibility, sales, and everything else, really comes down to your decision to utilise modern technology, or alternatively that you have to take a stance and go back to old school roots.

Where is your favourite place in Brisbane to eat/drink/shop? To shop I love a little bit of everything in all honesty (city, valley, paddington). Eating I love Mecca Bah (in the emporium), The Three Monkeys (West End) and Peasant (in the Barracks). For drinks I love Sling (in west end).

Photo Credits:

Model: Zoe Penman @ Priscillas

Photography: Rachel Aust

Designer/ Stylist/ MUA: Natasha Dearden



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