Fashion from a DJ – WOODSY

Have you met Woodsy? Probably’ve probably seen him from afar bouncing his head under a cap and wondered what you had to do to buy him a drink. Well we went there.. and got a little insight into the man behind the turntables and quizzed him on his fashion thoughts as well.

If you have a read and like what you hear – you’ll love his DJ set at Threaded on Friday night…


Over the past few years, woodsy has branched out and applied his technical turntablist skills with his love for music to become a dominant force throughout Brisbane’s Entertainment Industry, Quite simply, woodsy is bringing cutting back into clubs. When listening to him play you will experience a tasteful, quality selection of music, cut up, chopped, scratched, mixed and juggled sounds in a shockingly unique way.

 From having held residencies at some of Newcastle’s  top venues woodsy now resides in Brisbane where he plays alongside Brisbane’s most talented DJ’s at all major clubs. He has played  festivals such as ‘We Love Sounds’ , ‘Bbq Breaks’, ‘V alley  Fiesta’ and alongside artists like Cassius, Utah Saints, Black Grass, Dexter (avalanches),  z-trip, Nextmen, Tittsworth, a-skills, Paul Masters, j-roc, dj sheep, Vinyl Slingers, Nick Toth, dj mathematics, My Ninja Lover, True Live and FreQ Nasty (to name a few!).

After the successful mix cd witch was produced by Charlie hustle and tastefully chopped by woodsy, they have combined their rich musical history and their vision of music and popular culture to deliver a mixing style which is distinctly different from anything heard or seen in music today.


BT: So let’s be honest.. how much thought actually goes into your outfit when you are getting ready for a DJ set?

The only thinking that goes on is what hat I’m gonna wear.. seeing that is almost the only clothing you see a dj wear!

BT:  What trends do you like for guys at the moment?

W: There are so many trends that I’m in to but I would have to say the warm look 🙂

BT: We’ve seen you rockin’ the drop-crotch pant… it’s a pretty hard look to pull off (which you do by the way, in case you were worried) do you think it’s a fashion trend that will be around for a while?

W: Indeed! I think they are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.

BT: On a more musical note…What surprises do you have in store for the fashion crowd at Threaded?

W: When Charlie and I get together it’s an absolute mash up of tasteful beats blended with a good stage presence, you never know what’s next.

Don’t Miss Charlie Hustle and WOODSY on Friday night at Threaded!!

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