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Beauty Tuesday: Eyebrows On Fleek

Up until recently, eyebrows were an afterthought when it came to beauty looks. We saw smokey eyes, bold lips and perfectly contoured cheeks make a revived appearance each and every season, but little did we notice the fine line of hairs that shape our face. But now, it’s all about them brows (bout them brows).

Thanks in part to Cara Delevingne and the ‘it’ girls of the moment, eyebrows have become a beauty trend in their own right – whether they are bushy and unkept like the boys or slick and shaped like a VS model. What was once a do-nothing and leave it for the eyebrow grooming experts, is now a statment DIY beauty feature with a trending hashtagof its own. So today for Beauty Tuesday, we’re talking all things brows, brows, brows for the coming season.

Trends to Watch

From what we can gather, there are three main trends when it comes to eyebrows: bushy with a few strays, full but structured and thinly shaped. Of course, some strange would-be trends pop up every now and then, like bleached brows and eyebrow slits (?), but don’t be fooled, they aren’t your BFF’s. Experiment with the three main trneds and pick a favourite as your statement brow. If you’re not confident in messing with them yourself, make an appointment with a beauty fairy stat.Beauty Tuesday: Are Your Eyebrows On Fleek? | Brisbane ThreadsThe Ultimate Products

For DIY filling, enhancing, shaping and creating volume, you need a stocked toolkit at the ready. Fill your bathroom cabinet with one (or more) of our favourite brow products: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (here via Adore Beauty), M-A-C Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set (here), Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara (here via, Bloom Cosmetics Brow Gel (here) and Clinique Instant Lift For Brows (here via Adore Beauty).

Our pick of the crop is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – it’s the perfect everyday product, and it comes in a bunch of shades too so there’s certainly one for you.

Threading, Waxing and Plucking: What’s the deal?

Some beauty editors will shriek at the thought of plucking your eyebrows, but I’m guilty and can’t deny it. It’s super handy and a quick fix to pluck any strays when they pop up, but believe me when I say you must avoid overplucking at all costs. If you can’t keep a steady hand, consider threading and waxing. Threading, a method of hair removal by a twisted cotton thread, has only recently become popular; in fact, it is fast becoming the go-to hair removal treatment for brows. Most say it hurts no more than waxing, and that it is actually better for you your skin than layering hot wave above your eyelids for hair removal purposes. The other benefit of threading is that your preferred beauty guru will know what shape works best for your facial features, so take some pictures along to give them a general idea of what you want, and then sit back and trust their judgement. So, we are undecided at which way to sway, so we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and pop back with an answer when we find a definitivie one. Unless of course, you can tell us which is best (psst, pop over to Instagram to comment or scribble some words below).Beauty Tuesday: Are Your Eyebrows On Fleek? | Brisbane Threads

Need A New Look?

If you want to give your eyebrows a completely new look, a cosmetic surgeon can help. Brow lifts a quite common and are a very low-intensity procedure that corrects the elasticity in the tissues of the face that cause the eyebrows to droop with age. A brow lift improves the position of the eyelids, restores the relationship between the eye and brow and also changes the appearance of the face, often making it look younger and fresh. For advice and more information about brow lifts, speak to professional cosmetic surgeons, such as those at Cosmetic Surgery for Women.

So, are your eyebrows on fleek? And do you have a go-to eyebrow product or treatment? TELL US, so we can spread the word! 

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