‘Embrace your inner German’

Any tagline that reads ’embrace your inner German’ is always going to get me across the line. Growing up I used to hide my love of sauerkraut, spätzle, leberwurst, semmelknödel (we called bread balls) and pretzels… They were not the kind of foods that the other kids found ‘cool’ or ‘exotic’… And whist sauerkraut is on trend as a 2017 super gut food; I can honestly say I have been eating that fermented cabbage stuff for 32 years!

When I first went to Oktoberfest in Munich, ten years ago, I felt completely at home. Not because of the steins of beer, but because of the oversized gherkins, the pretzels, and the boiled red cabbage! My Grandma is from Bavaria (the home of Oktoberfest) and we actually grew up with the cultural heritage of being ‘Bavarian’ not German! Growing up I had my very own Dirndl & when I was in Munich I wore my Great Aunt’s Lederhosen which was made from deer skin!! So you can imagine my excitement knowing that Oktoberfest Brisbane is coming to to our very own city in eight days! No need to feel Instajealous of all your mates over in Europe… we have Oktoberfest Brisbane in our own backyard. Spread over two weekends, Oktoberfest Brisbane is filled with the best German food, drinks, culture and fun. I’m more than ready to embrace my inner German. Das ist gut ya!

Oktoberfest has that reputation of drinking as many steins of beers as you can while making sure not to damage your hired Dirndl or Lederhosen; Okobterfest Brisbane has all those delicious beers to offer but also so much more! Instead of Friday afternoon drinks in the city, why not grab your work mates and head to Oktoberfest Brisbane; make it extra special and grab one of the VIP tables. Perfect knock-off to a work week if we do say so ourselves! Why not make a whole day of the festivities and start with a traditional Bavarian breakfast? Preztals and sausage anyone? Is there a better combination to start off your day? Washed down with a Weissbier {wheat beer} naturally!

The Bavarian Breakfast is hosted by festival directors Kim and Boris and will take place on both Saturdays of the Festival. Join Boris and Kim on Saturday mornings between 11am – 12:30 in the Bavarian Corner for a Traditional Bavarian Breakfast including  a pretzel, 2 Weißwurst {white veal sausages}, oh-so sweet mustard and a Weissbier {wheat beer}!

Over two weekends you have the chance to fully emerse yourself in Bavarian culture, in Australia’s largest German festival! This year sees Oktoberfest Brisbane celebrate their 10th year so we know it is going to be bigger and besser than ever, with more than 40,000 culture-junkies predicted to celebrate German tradition and culture at the Showgrounds turned mini Bavaria.

Oktoberfest Brisbane is embracing German efficiency and is cashless this year. Yes you heard that correctly. You get a wrist band which acts as a digital wallet; you can sync you phone, top-up credit and best of all you don’t need to worry about losing any cash or cards whilst you responsibly drink beer! Speaking of beer, calling all beer lovers for the annual Bavarian Brewing Competion; showcasing some of Brisbane’s best local brews.

Oh and mamas, papas and parent folk don’t fret if you can’t find a babysitter or the weekend. You don’t need to miss out on Okobterfest Brisbane this year. There are plenty of activities for families and little kinders; including a petting zoo (family favourite over here); puppet theatre, rides, face-painting and much more!

Can you tell that this inner German is a little bit excited! You can trust me when I say German food is delicious and the culture is oh so fun! So embrace your inner German foodie, make room for a beer or two, grab your mates and head to the Brisbane Showgrounds for the 10th Annual Oktoberfest Brisbane. And if you’re as excited as me and can’t wait eight sleeps for Oktoberfest Brisbane; this weekend Saturday 1st October in King George Square is a FREE EVENT Oktoberpole to celebrate the offical opening of Brisbane German Week!

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