Elisha Casagrande – Fashion Stylist

Brisbane boasts some of the country’s most amazing fashion talent… and our stylists are no exception.

Elisha Casagrande isĀ one of these gorgeous creatures and we love her ability to create unique and inspired looks..

From the Stylist

“The truly fashionable are beyond fashion”.

Elisha is a very passionate freelance fashion stylist, image consultant & fashion blogger delivering impressive solutions for all your personal, runway and photoshoot styling needs. Elisha is based in Brisbane, QLD however is available for projects throughout Australia and will travel internationally depending on the assignment.

With a commitment to ensuring that each project is anything short of amazing, Elisha utilises her unique sense of style and avid attention to detail to create an outcome that highlights the best in each individual; creating a signature look that boasts both glamour and confidence. An organised approach guarantees a fantastic outcome each and every time!

To contact Elisha or check out her blog… visit her website www.elishacasagrande.com.au.

Elisha Casagrande Fashion Stylist1

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