WAHOO… the wait is finally over and the EKKA opens today!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the winds have just started to pick up… must be that time of year again. There is no denying it, it’s EKKA TIME.

It is actually hard to believe that we are already in the middle of August and that in fact it is EKKA time again… it only seems like last week we were chowing down a dagwood dog followed by a strawberry ice-cream…

Nostalgia is a funny thing and when it comes to the EKKA there are those classics which perform year in, year out. So whatever you fancy; cars, showbags, food, wine, cheese, animals, food, (yes we said that twice on purpose) or fireworks… there is something for everyone! Also if you buy online you can save up to 15% on ticket prices.

Ekka’s gates open at 9:00am daily, but please remember that different attractions have varying opening hours. Check the timetable,  to ensure you don’t miss any events. One of our favs is back, better than ever…  EkkaNITES; overnight from 5:30pm in the Main Arena.

The EKKA opens today (Friday 11th August) and runs until 20th August 2017. Don’t forget to share your Ekka memories with the hashtag #ekka  #BTInsiderTip to be featured. Oh and there is even an MY EKKA tool which allows you to plan and share you #ekka experience with all you friends. #SayWhat? We love it!

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