Ekka 2015: 9 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

What other time of year can you spin around on colourful rides, stuff your face with strawberry sundaes and edge children out of the way to squeal over tiny pink piglets. That’s right folks, It’s Ekka Time! This and year’s show promises to be bigger and better than ever. Not just lights and action (although the Transformers will be making an entrance), The Ekka is also a chance for us city slickers to get a taste of regional Australian life and see where our produce comes from. A celebration of all things Queensland, our prediction is that this year’s Ekka is going to dazzle come August 7! Here are ten things not to miss at this years Royal Queensland Show.

1. Pat-a-Pig

An experience guaranteed to at least make you reconsider your bacon consumption, this activity is pretty self explanatory. These little guys are sure to put a smile on your face! If you can’t get enough of the pigs, you can also see them in action at the Heritage Bank Racing Pigs event where they jump, fly, and race their little trotters off.

2. Meet Bilby and Friends

When your voice box has recovered from squealing over aforementioned adorable piggies, head down to learn a little more about some of our fuzzy (and not so fuzzy) Australian native wildlife. The star of this live animal show is undoubtedly the Bilby so go down and say Hi!

3. Eat a Strawberry Sundae

Approximately ten tonnes of strawberries go into the Ekka’s famous strawberry sundaes each year. With vanilla and strawberry ice cream, fresh cream, a crunchy wafer cone, and juicy Australian sundaes, this is one treat not to be missed. Profits from the sundaes also go towards the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, so really it would be rude not to!

4. Country Legend James Blundell LIVE

Born and bred in Queensland, James Blundell is a big deal in Australian country music. So pop that akubra on and get in touch with your (perhaps secret) love of country music because James Blundell will be taking the stage at the Energex Community Arena at this years Ekka.

5. Natural Fibres fashion parades presented by Cotton Australia

One of the most anticipated and iconic events of the Ekka. Celebrate Queensland grown natural fibres (see ya later polyester!) with this years Ekka fashion parades presented by Cotton Australia. Australia’s top designers come together in this circus themed extravaganza to present their latest Spring/Summer collections made with wool, cotton, silk, and other natural fibres.

6. Dinosaur Adventures

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Nobody, that’s who! At this years Ekka, take a trip back in time when dinosaurs roamed across our earth. Pretend you’re a palaeontologist, in Jurassic park or just Ross from Friends, and learn a little bit about the toothy guys who came before us.

7. Buy a showbag

Remember the days of begging your parents for a bag filled with sugary, colourful treats that left you buzzing around like a mini-tornado? Well those days are over because you’re a grown-up and you can buy the biggest, most expensive show bag you want! You can’t go past the classic Cadbury show bag but did you know that Elle, Marie Claire and Model Co all do show bags packed full of make up, toiletries and tasty treats.

8. Eat some award winning cheese

Cheese. That has won awards for being especially delicious. Need I say more?

9. Wood chop and Sawing

Yeah, I know. Wood chopping is such a bore. Wrong! Muscly men, acts of great strength and break-neck competition, wood chopping is actually very entertaining. For over 100 years, Australians have gathered to watch the precision and power that the competitors bring every year. Don’t miss out, head over to the APPEA woodchopping arena at this years Ekka.

Ekka 2015 | Brisbane ThreadsEke 2015 is on from August 7 to 16th at the For more information including program locations and time, head over to www.theekka.com.auImages courtesy of the RNA.

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