Dry Styling with Toni & Guy

Whether you’re hitting the town with your lover, fancy schmancy lunching with the ladies or going to a big hitter event; wedding, charity ball, festival or the winter races… who doesn’t love the excuse to get your hair dry styled by the professionals? Normally the hardest part is trying to decide which style will suit you and your event.

Well Toni & Guy have taken the guess work out of which style to pick with their recently launched their dry styling menu. The Toni & Guy ‘dry styling menu’ has 24 different dry styling looks to suit everyone; from volume-filled blow-dries, to look-at-my-fabulous-self-up-dos and now also includes nine different braids: including the Pixie Braid.

We’ve all been crushing on braids season after season #amiright and thankfully this braid trend looks like it is here to stay. The Toni & Guy dry styling menu has a variety of braids for you to choose from. Together their hairdressers will work with you to find the best style to suit you personality and face shape; to create a bespoke and timeless look for any occasion.


It is as simple as booking into Toni & Guy Brisbane, choosing your dry-styling look off their menu and then 30 minutes later you will achieve perfection ready for your next event. Having your hair professionally styled is such a simple way to make yourself feel fabulous and also helps reduce that getting-ready-for-a-big-event-stress.

Included as part of the dry styling session are DIY tips and Label.M product recommendations so you can re-create the same fabulous Toni & Guy look for another occasion… or you could just re-book for your next big event and try a completely different dry styling look.

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This article has been written partnership with Toni & Guy Brisbane,  however all opinions are our own. 

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