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When are donuts, well, not donuts. Well, when they are Nodo Donuts. Nodo Donuts are the world’s friendliest donuts… 100% gluten free, made with the finest ingredients, baked and never fried… and injected with the biggest dose of LOVE.

In 2014 Kate Williams lovingly launched Nodo (pronounced “no-dough”), introducing the world’s friendliest donut with very pure intentions:

To spread happiness through beautiful baked goods that combine artisan methods, naturally gluten free ingredients and love so people could have their cake and eat it to;

To spoil people who genuinely care (and we mean really, really care) about what they eat.

Since launching, Nodo has grown into an institution amongst people with the very same healthy obsession for wholesome food… ok there are some of us that just think their donuts are freakin’ epic!

The amazing team at Nodo recently celebrated their first year in business and we wish them every happiness and hope they’ll be feeding us guilt-free donuts for years to come!

And whilst we can’t get enough of their donuts, Nodo also do some AMAZING other dishes, pop in and try them our for breaky and lunch options that are just as delish! Best still? Their Newstead location is now open 7 days! It’s like Donut heaven!


Find Nodo Donuts:

Online here.

300 Elizabeth St, Brisbane

1 ELLA STREET (corner of Chester Street), Newstead

Or on Facebook, Instagram.



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