Do you know: Digi Youth Arts Program


Here’s another cool initiative that some clever Brisbane folk are working on for 2014 – the Digi Youth Arts Program, an initiative where local artists work with indigenous young people to make art and other creative projects.

The Digi Youth Arts Program is an organisation that empowers indigenous young people through creative exploration and storytelling, and has become a creative voice for indigenous youth in our community.

Throughout the program local artists act as mentors and collaborate with young indigenous people, sharing their skills to create art together in the spirit of compassion and healing.

The program runs for four Sundays throughout May 1 to June 7, culminating in a multi-arts exhibition that showcases the masterpieces that have been created in a celebration of togetherness.

You can read more about the Digi Youth Arts Program on their website here, and be sure to follow them on Facebook for exclusive announcements before, and during, the program.



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