Dessert @ Chester Street Bakery and Bar

If you were following along our instagram feed last night, you would have seen the late-night delights that I indulged in!!

Chester Street Bakery and Bar have just launched their late-night dessert menu, which is available until midnight every night of the week. That’s right, you heard correctly people, they are open on a Monday night!!!

Owner Damian Griffiths, together with Patron Chef Jocelyn Hancock have put together an extensive late-night dessert menu that features the classics. Think apple pie, ice cream sundae and sticky date pudding, as well as a number of inventive and fun combinations. And they invited Brisbane Threads along to be taste-testers for a night to see what we thought.

I had studied the delicious menu, yet still, deciding between the chocolate fondant and the honeycomb parfait, was still the most difficult decision I made all day.

There are several cake cabinets and a bar full of slices and brownies, plus the dessert menu, so there is absolutely something for everyone… including gluten-free options.

When asked what inspired the menu selections ,Jocelyn replied;

“The new menu was inspired by watching international food, bakery and restaurant trends closely over the years. I recently travelled to London where the food game has changed so much – at the moment it’s a hub of new and exciting ideas that can be easily adapted for Australian tastes.”

They make everything on site including all the cakes, fillings sauces and garnishes from scratch from quality ingredients, all made by skilled and devoted pastry and cake lovers at Chester Street. And it showed. 

We decided on the Honeycomb Parfait and Waffles with Candied Bacon, plus an Orchard Bellini to wash it down.

They were divine.

The honeycomb was deliciously crunchy, with thick rich chocolate sauce and creamy ice-cream. The candied bacon pieces were glazed in maple syrup on steaming hot, freshly baked waffles…. my mouth is watering again simply remembering the meal that was. And…. maybe we pocketed a couple of nutella-filled doughnuts for the ride home… OMG!!

My hot tip…. don’t eat dinner… you’ll want to save all of yourself for dessert at Chester Street Bakery and Bar.


Location: 32a Chester Street, Newstead, Brisbane, Queensland

Phone: 07 3852 4130



Here are a few of my happy snaps for your viewing pleasure… please try not to drool on your screen!!


Screenshot 2014-06-17 09.37.53 Screenshot 2014-06-17 09.38.02

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

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