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Desk Essentials For A Productive Week

How good does it feel to have a productive week?! Or heck, just a productive day is an accomplishment all of its own. But how do you actually make productivity happen? The answer is all in your desk essentials.

You guys loved our post on how to kick butt at work in 2016 so much that we’ve teamed up with the crew over at Todds Hi-Fi to let you in on more of our secrets on how to have a productive week and get stuff done even if you’re juggling multiple projects. So without further ado, here are the essentials you NEED on your desk:

Headphones: A pair of good-quality headphones are essential to a productive week, especially if you work in an open-plan office or share a workspace with multiple people. Block out phone calls, office chit chat and colleagues who eat, breathe and type loudly with a pair headphones like these ones from Todds Hi-Fi. Bonus points if they’re cute like ours and have gold hardware.

A Jacket: If you’re born and bred Brisbanite, than you probably hate the cold and just don’t cope when the air conditioner is below 24 degrees. So, to ensure I’m not the annoying one always turning the aircon down on stinking hot days, I keep a jacket and/or shawl at my desk so I can power through my day even when it gets a little chilly.

Lip Gloss: Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel very lost and uncomfortable without a constant supply of lipgloss throughout the day. If I’m not in a meeting, a good lip conditioner like Lips! by Go-To Skincare is superb (review here), as is the classic Lucas Paw Paw Ointment tube. I like to keep one on my desk in a little dish alongside my stationery, earphones and other random things I seem to reach for throughout the day. Desk Essentials For A Productive Week | Brisbane ThreadsNotepad: Stay on top of your to-do list and never forget to do a task again and keep a big notepad next to your computer so you can scribble notes throughout the day. Nothing is more satisfying than physically crossing something off a gigantic to-do list (especially if it has been on there for days), so use your notepad to help keep your day on track and remember tasks that pop up unexpected. For chic stationery, check out Kikki.K and Words With Heart.

External Hard drive: An external hard drive is essential for three reasons – it makes your computer quicker if you have less files on it, your documents are always saved elsewhere and backed up, and you can take your work home without having to lug your laptop and other tech equipment home. One that is compatible with your computer and has lots of memory space is best, and don’t forget to organise your hard drive well so you can find everything quickly and easily.

Beauty Stash: A beauty stash should be an essential on your desk and/or in your handbag if you want to have a productive week. I have a cosmetics case on my desk and in my bag that is packed with the essentials, such as perfume, lipstick, mascara, concealer, panadol, bandaids and change of earrings incase you’re summoned to an after-work event unprepared. A beauty stash at the ready means you can touch yourself up before a meeting, pick yourself up if your looking and feeling flat, and, go to an impromptu dinner or drinks straight from work. Productiviy 101 right here ladies! Desk Essentials For A Productive Week | Brisbane ThreadsMug: Whatever your potion, it’s not a bad idea to keep a mug on your desk so you can always make yourself a tea or coffee to help get you through the afternoon. It’s productive because it will help you stay on track with your work, and it will save you time going to your local cafe and ordering a cuppa. It’s also not a bad idea to keep your own set of cutlery on your desk because sometimes, the communal kitchen ones can be kinda gross.

Business Cards: If you’ve got business cards, keep them on you all day, every day, because you never know who you might meet when you are out and about. I keep some on my desk, some in my wallet and a bunch in my handbag too, so I always have them available to whip out and network.

Snacks: Finally, snacks are a must if you want to have a productive day, and if they’re healthier, well that’s even better! Snacks such as nuts, fruit, protein balls, homemade muslie bars and fresh juice make the best snacks for when 3.30 rolls around and you want to stay on track. If they don’t need to be refridgerated, keep them on your desk for grazing throughout the day.

Do you have a desk essential that helps you stay productive all week long? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks to staying on task and getting stuff done in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram

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