Dendy for BT – War On Everything Screening

Directed by John Michael McDonagh, Dendy is bringing you War On Everything in a special first look screening on Monday, November 14. War On Everything stars Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena as two irresponsible, corrupt cops in New Mexico. The undeniably funny duo find themselves in a world of trouble after trying to blackmail and frame someone who is not all that he seems.

Join one of Australia’s leading independent cinemas for a special screening you won’t soon forget. And not just because War On Everything promises to be both compelling and hilarious, but tickets to the screening are selling for only $9.00 a seat! Treat yourself even further and before show time be sure to visit the Dendy Bar inside the cinemas to grab a drink for during the show and settle in for what’s sure to be a hilariously suspenseful ride.

Located by the river in Hamilton’s stunning Portside Wharf, make an evening out of it and stroll along the river and grab a bite, or two, to eat from the extensive restaurant selection the port has.

To purchase tickets for the War On Everything screening before they all disappear, and at that price they’ll all be snatched up in the blink of an eye, visit


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