Day 8: GIVIT back!


We all know the saying ‘it’s better to give than receive’ and there is no better time to feel this than Christmas!

Most of us love the excitement and anticipation of the festive season, and the Christmas cheer that spreads when decorating the tree, listening to carols, and wrapping gifts can only be described as infectious! But…sadly for some, Christmas isn’t a joyous time of year, and many won’t be able to afford gifts. In fact, some can’t even afford some of life’s essentials. This is where GIVIT comes in.

GIVIT is encouraging people to stop the presents, and instead buy new items for those who are in need.  It’s all about bringing the joy back into gift giving and knowing that what you give truly means something to the receiver.

As an online portal, the GIVIT website enables registered charities to request items or services needed by those individuals and families in financial hardship.  These items are then included on the GIVIT List, which all GIVIT subscribers can access to see what is needed and where. If donors have an item not listed on the GIVIT List that they would like to donate they can also upload this information into the Virtual Warehouse for registered charities to view.

Once a charity request is matched to a donor, either via the GIVIT List or from the Virtual Warehouse, the details are exchanged via email and the charity organises delivery or pick up from the donor. It is fast, simple direct giving at its best!

Perhaps you know someone who really doesn’t need any more ‘stuff’, or someone who loves doing their bit for the community. Just think how great both of you will feel knowing you have truly made a difference to someone’s life.

So do your bit of goodwill for the year…and GIVIT! To view the GIVIT list visit


See what you can give….

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