Spotlight On: Danielle Lewis

Spotlight On: Danielle Lewis

I hang out here at BTHQ quite a bit, so you might not know that a crazy talented, entrepreneurial gal actually founded Brisbane Threads way back in 2010 when she discovered there wasn’t a platform in our vibrant city to highlight its many creative, entrepreneurial, business-minded and designer folk.

So, Danielle created Brisbane Threads, and it’s grown to what it becomes today. I may be speaking with a hint of bias, but Danielle is one of the most inspiring women I’ve met, pushing herself and others to reach their full potential. And her brain! That thing never stops ticking! While I know all about Danielle (and could probably gush about our #ladyboss for hours) I thought you guys might not… so I interviewed her for Spotlight On this week! Sit back, grab a cuppa and get to know our founder Danielle Lewis. Spotlight On: Danielle Lewis | Brisbane ThreadsBT: What inspired you to start Brisbane Threads? 

DL: When I finished uni and went travelling for the first time, I was struck by the fact that locals in amazing cities around the world were never impressed by their own city. I realised that I felt the same way about Brisbane. So when I got back, I started a blog to start appreciating, documenting and sharing all of the amazing things to do in Brisbane. It’s been a fantastic way to watch the city grow over the past 5 years!

BT: What is your background? 

DL: I studied Fashion Design at QUT, worked in Enterprise Sales for 10 years, started Brisbane Threads in 2010 and have just launched a new tech startup It’s been a busy few years! This path has taught be a lot about sales and digital marketing, both of which I am really passionate about!

BT: Can you tell us a little more about your current project Scrunch?

DL: scrunch is a tool that helps businesses with their Influencer Marketing. There is this huge blogger/social influencer phenomenon going on at the moment and brands are investing a lot of time and money into marketing with them. Scrunch provides them the tools to discover the right influencers for their brand, track the campaigns and measure the results. Any business can subscribe to the platform for a monthly fee and start discovering influencers straight away.

It has been a labour of love and something that I am so excited to have been a part of building. We have a team of 7 and they are all the best at what they do. We’ve attracted some really big brand names since our soft launch and I am excited about the future!

I couldn’t help but sneak in a quick plug for scrunch… if you’re a Brisbane business that needs help or could use some advice about influencer marketing, get in touch anytime, I LOVE to chat –

BT: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

DL: We’ve got some pretty big goals at scrunch and I hope I’ll be popping the champagne when we achieve them over the next 5 years! I like to think that at some point I’ll take a long holiday and visit some of the cities on my to-do list, but I’ll probably be thinking about my next startup!

BT: What is your favourite thing about Brisbane? 

DL: My favourite thing about Brisbane is the growth – it seems like every weekend there is a new café, restaurant or bar that I need to try!

BT: What restaurants/cafes/bars do you miss the most when you are away? Where do you love to eat/drink when you are in Brisbane? 

DL: I can’t go past Ave Cucina’s avo stack for breaky, a prosecco at Survey Co. on Burnett Lane and Gordita’s lamb roast for dinner with friends.

BT: What are 3 tips you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

DL: Never. Give. Up. Does that count as 3?!

BT: What is one of your career highlights so far?

DL: Every day I feel like there is a new high, something that I could never have imagined learning, someone I couldn’t have imagined meeting or a place I could never have imagined visiting. So far being able to expand the business to New York and spend a lot of time there tops the list!

If you want to get in touch with Danielle about anything Brisbane related, or if you just want to chat, send her a message at

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