Daily Outfit Inspo – Rainy Day

There’s nothing more that I wanted this morning than to stay in bed with my laptop, a hot chocolate, a nice smelling candle and the box set of Friends with dry feet, no make up and a jar of Nutella. The rain continues to pour outside as Cycle Marcia bears down on our friends up north causing havoc in the usually sunshine state.

Did anyone else feel like a comfy, laze-around-home ensemble was a necessity on this cold, wet Brisbane day? Oh how I’m longing for bed, harem pants and an extra dose of shut eye – If only casual Friday could stretch as far as today’s Daily Outfit Inspo.

Instead I’m (and probably most of you are) up-and-at-em en route to work to finish the weekly to-do list. I guess you all know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…

41. rainy day friday - 900


Pictured: Witchery Swirl Pom Pom Scarf, White Eve Springy Skinny Sweats, Glasshouse Candles Galapagos Kaffir Lime & Cocoa Butter Candle, Karen Millen 34 Glasses via Spec Savers, Sportsgirl Linen Boyfriend Tank, Birkenstock Shoes, Go-To Very Useful Face Cream.

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