Christmas Lights! The Best Brisbane Suburbs 2017

Presents, parties, stone fruit and beach weather. Add in, Love Actually, Michael Buble and the cute pastel hats you get in Christmas bon-bons – you know, the ones that seriously do not fit anyone’s head and sling over one eye whilst you eat your weight in pav but everyone still loves and insists to wear anyway? Those. That’s my list of reasons why December is my absolute favourite month of the year. And here’s one more: CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.

If you love to hit up the most lit suburbs (literally) each Christmas, then look no further. Here’s where you’ll find Brisbane’s best lighting displays…

Ashgrove, Upper Kedron, Chermside West, Banyo

Our very own North (Pole) has a more than a few pretties twinkling brightly at this time of year. If you’re in this neck of the woods you’ll want to start off at Ashgrove and visit High Street and Dorrington Drive. Then kick it to Upper Kedron where you’ll see at least three sparkling displays in Kirralee and Charolais Crescent, as well as Park Edge Street. Chermside West is also home to the winning 4KQ Christmas Light display this year. It’s the St Gerard Majella church, which by the way holds a free mini Christmas festival each year, so bring your little ones! There are Santa photos between 7 PM and 8 PM and a gift shop with snow globes, angels and other Christmas stock and giftware. Wrap up in Banyo, with some of the best for last in Huron St, Froude St, Ellamark St and Hilltop Place!

146 Maundrell Terrace, Chermside West | 4 Huron Street, Banyo

Algester, Runcorn, Springwood, Eden’s Landing

If you’re in the South, kick off in Algester at 4KQ’s South runner-up Peter and Vicki place in Bluedong Street and then over to Booyong Street. From there, you could head to Runcorn where you’ll find at least five festive lighting displays to marvel. Visit Calliope Street, Ferntree Court and Daffodil Place. There are also two divine locations in Springwood on Merchant Court and Belinda Cresent. You don’t need the address. You’ll know them when you see them…

106 Castille Cresent, Eden’s Landing  | 7 Bluedong Place, Algester

Sinnamon Park and Westlake

Save travel time in this loop! You’ll find more than an abundance of twinkling houses in walking distance from one another. Actually, there are at least seven houses in these two suburbs alone that have taken out titles in 4KQ best Christmas light displays. You’ll find two back to back winners in Hawk Place and three sparkling masterpieces on Everard Street and Raeside Street in Westlake.

21 Hawk Place, Sinnamon Park

Morningside, Carina, Carindale, Holland Park

Some of the best gems in Brisbane belong to this side of town. So if you’re around these parts you could start off in Morningside and check out Elwell and Stephan Street and then head over to Carina and visit the winning 4KQ house for the East on Darcy Road. Then the crème del a crème of Christmas light neighbourhoods this year is most certainly Carindale. Visit Melrose Place for a line-up of houses to marvel! There’s also Stella St in Holland Park – you can’t miss it.

536 Darcy Road, Carina | 56 Stella St, Holland Park

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