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Chic Bedrooms: A 10 Step Checklist

We’re changing it up on Brisbane Threads today and talking about interior design, cute homewares and how to create the ultimate chic bedroom in just ten steps.

I love hanging out in my bedroom, so I’m currently on a mission to make it a chic, functional space that I adore. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom – it’s my office on the weekends, the drop zone for parcels, my dressing room and makeup station, my ‘me’ time sanctuary and it’s also where I get my zzzz’s on, obviously. I love it, but it is in desperate need of a transformation.

Because we’re all about sharing our handy hints and tips here at BTHQ, here’s the checklist that I’m currently working my way through to transform my messy, cluttered shoebox of a room into a chic bedroom.

Bedroom Essentials | Brisbane Threads
Can you believe that half of these items are from wither Kmart or Target – Bet you can’t pick which ones!

Colour Scheme – The current colour scheme in my room is that of a bohemian gypsy rainbow party and in short, nothing matches. I’m not sure what I want, but love the thought of crisp white walls and bed sheets with splashes of rose gold, green, black, navy and pink. Pick a colour scheme and stick to it, adding accessories here and there in hues that complement your primary theme. Creating a bedroom colour scheme is like putting an outfit together, every element needs to exist in utter harmony with the others.

A Hat Rack – I ticked this one off a while ago and couldn’t be more thrilled at my impulse purchase. I know what you’re probably thinking, a hat rack is so old school, but believe me, it’s functional and fun. I use it for hats, scarves, statement jewellery, jackets, bags, clutches and on the odd occasion, clothes that haven’t yet made it to my wardrobe. Trust me, you need one, if only for the sake of keeping your cute fedoras in shape.

A Light Box – have you seen these things – they’re the cutest! Spell out your favourite quote, an inspirational word or write a love note to yourself and illuminate it in your room to keep you motivated, inspired and in high spirits. I want one desperately and will continue to have a severe case of FOMO until I get my hands on one.

Mattress – I’m still sleeping on the double mattress I got for my 16th birthday (yikes) so I think it’s time for an upgrade. I’m looking at this Sleepmaker mattress, because luxury and comfort should always go hand in hand. You spend one third of your life sleeping (that’s if you sleep for 8 hours average each night), so in 60 years, you’ve slept for 20! Why would you spend all of that time being uncomfortable on a mattress that is no good for your body and posture. It’s more important than you may think!

Bed Linen – While on the topic of beds, once you’ve got the perfect mattress you need to carefully consider what you put on it. Pick a sheet and quilt set that match your bedroom colour scheme, and also something that is easy to wash, comfortable and soft on your skin. Once you’ve got your sheets and quilt cover, go wild with pillows. This is perhaps the only time to ignore the ‘less is more’ rule and get a small army of pillows in different shapes, colours, sizes and textures.

Bedroom Essentials | Brisbane Threads

The Bedside Table – A chic bedroom is not complete without a cute bedside table to hold a few of the essentials. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, phone charger, makeup removal wipes, water, everyday jewellery and a couple of books and magazines all need a home that is within arms reach of your bed, so find a bed side table that works with the space that is also convenient and practical. Whether it’s antique and recycled, brand new and luxurious or an Ikea flatpack, a bedside table is an absolute must.

Wardrobe Space – My dream home has a walk-in wardrobe that rivals Miranda Priestly’s Runway Magazine fashion department in The Devil Wears Prada. In reality that is not quite the case, so until then I’m working with a small built in wardrobe that is overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories. To make the most of wardrobe space, fold clothes that don’t wrinkle, use shelving for shoes and accessories and buy thin coat hangers that match to maximise hanging space. If you need to reorganise your wardrobe for a new season, check out this post we wrote about editing your wardrobe for winter.

Throw Rug – Whether you keep your throw rug in the lounge or bedroom, if you don’t have one floating around then now is the time to find the perfect one. You’ll want something that is warm and snug to wrap yourself in on the couch that also doubles as an extra layer on the bed on cooler nights. Ones with texture or a fun print always look chic when thrown across the end of the bed.

A Statement Artwork – Every room needs a statement piece that makes it pop, and the bedroom is no different. To save floor space, make your statement piece a beautiful artwork, inspiring script or canvas print and give it pride of place on a bare wall. It’ll brighten your day when you walk into your cozy bedroom and make you smile, even on a bad day.

Declutter – You probably don’t need to be told this but I’m going to say it anyway, clutter is not chic. Set a weekend aside and declutter that bedroom of yours and find a new home for everything that you don’t use on a daily basis. Childhood drawings, school textbooks, old clothes, makeup that you don’t use, broken knick-knacks, old tech gadgets… the list of clutter goes on and on. Clear it out, put it in storage or relocate to the trash and your space will feel bigger and tidier in no time.

Bedroom Essentials | Brisbane Threads

Happy Bedroom Decorating!

Are you in the process of transforming your bedroom, or perhaps another room in the house, to a chic haven? Tell us your tips in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration between Brisbane Threads and Sleepmaker.

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