Frock Paper Scissors Issue 9


Last week, the new issue of Frock Paper Scissors was launched in front of a fashion-savvy crowd full of anticipation, pride, excitement and relief.

Frock Paper Scissors is a free magazine filled to the brim with beautiful photographs, inspiring words, creative layouts and mood-changing attitude. It is 77 pages of super cool threads and thought-provoking features, bound into a beautiful publication and distributed around Brisbane and beyond.

Most importantly though, Frock Paper Scissors or FROCK (its affectionate nickname), is put together entirely by fashion, media communications, journalism and business students from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) as part of their studies. Each year, the cohort enrolled in Fashion and Style Journalism work tirelessly for 13 weeks to get the magazine into production and than off to the printers. All the while navigating their way around editorial decisions, getting the website up-to-date with fresh new content and balancing the enthusiastic ideas and creative vision of 65+ students.


It’s a mission and a half, but well worth the effort when you see the final product – a superb fashion magazine to rival the big names on any newsstand.

The 2015 issue ‘Identity Crisis’ celebrates the convergence of the FROCK team and is an experiment in self-discovery. While this issue is the ninth edition of the student-led mag, insightful features and brilliant photoshoots remain the core.

If you happen to stumble across a copy or come across some free leisure-reading time, do have a read! You’ll find everything from a discussion on sustainable underwear, the up-cycling trend and a debate about the fashion designer vs. consumer-driven design concept, to Japanese fashion at GOMA, Instagram as a business tool, the ‘micro living’ phenonomeon, Gen Y nostalgia and the comeback of the beard. Intrigued? I can’t wait to get stuck into my copy!


With a fresh layout, vibrant images and lust-worthy illustrations, issue 9 of Frock, Paper, Scissors is set to impress!

You can find FROCK in Brisbane’s cafes, small businesses, salons and everywhere else a member of the team has set foot and left their mark. You can also download the whole mag (and previous editions) here. Go forth and devour.

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