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Che Asado X Cobbler- Meat Meets Whiskey

Prior to last Thursday, my only experience with whiskey involved a very reluctant sip out of a bottle of Jack Daniels at a party. I remember the guys in the group chuckling as the stuff burned like fire down my throat and made my face scrunch up (attractively, I’m sure) with disgust. It tasted akin to licking a barbecue; smoky with a side of petrol.

I quickly filed it away in the I’m-never-touching-that-stuff-again box where it sat for years alongside it’s exiled buddies, oysters and celery. Whiskey became something that rusty sailors and cigar smoking executives swigged to warm the cockles of their cold hearts.

Which is why when I was invited to attend Che Asado’s and Cobbler’s event Meat Meets Whiskey, I shoved the flashbacks of ingesting the fire-liquid all those years ago into the back of my mind.

Che Asado, situated on Little Stanley street in South Bank, is well known for it’s lively atmosphere, open-air dining, and dedication to serving up flavourful, soulful dishes. Championing the Argentinian Asado, which is essentially a glorious event dedicated to the consumption of delicious meat that has been grilled over an open flame, this is the place to take your carnivorous partner or meat loving amigos.

Partnering up with West End whiskey and cocktail bar Cobbler, the plan was simple. There would be three courses paired with five (super fancy) distiller’s edition whiskeys. From the very first pairing of a palatable whiskey from the Oban distillery and a pulled beef cheek, green olive and free range egg empanada, I was hooked. The whiskey didn’t mask the salty, spicy flavours of the empanada but gave them a new depth.

The second and third courses solidified this new appreciation, as they paired two of the smokier whiskeys with a stunning board of roasted New England lamb shoulder and a charcoal grasped vacio chimichurri.

And who knew that whiskey could complement a dessert so well!? By the time the last course of the night was served, an Alfajores (a delicious Argentinian cookie) with a side of Dulce De Leche Ice-cream and honeycomb, I was completely down with the whole whiskey thing. I could drink that stuff like delicious, belly-warming water (okay, maybe not but you get the picture).

Now it’s your turn.

On the 16th of July, Che Asado will be holding another Meat Meets Whiskey hosted by Martin Lange, owner of Cobbler and Simon Gelling, head chef of Che Asado.

For $120 pp, you will receive 3 courses of Argentinian Inspired Meat dishes, rare whiskey tastings and House Beer and Wine.

There are limited spaces available, so you’ll need to make a booking: Call phone 0403 419 339 or email

Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane ThreadsMeat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads

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