I am pretty excited to share this with you… I just purchased tickets to Cavalia! It is a show by the co-founder of Cirque Du Soleil, which I absolutely adore.

Cavalia is a fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts, multimedia and special effects. Conceived by Normand Latourelle and often labelled an equestrian ballet, Cavalia is a spectacular and moving tribute to the relationship between men and horses throughout history, a dream of freedom, cooperation and harmony. In a fairy tale setting filled with poetry and emotion, the show innovatively integrates acrobatics, dance, aerial stunts, live music and equestrian arts. Under the White Big Top, a 50-metre stage permits the horses to express themselves in all their splendour, nobility and strength, often completely free.

Cavalia opens in Brisbane under the Big Top opposite DFO (Brisbane Airport), on March 6.

Sneak preview here…

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