5 reasons Canvas Club is hosting your Christmas party


Seriously, are we talking about Christmas already? Yes! And we’ve got the perfect venue for any team leading into this year’s celebrations!

One of our favourite local Friday arvo haunts, Canvas Club, is the perfect spot for your chrissy celebrations and we’ll tell you exactly why in 5 key points.

1. Their private courtyard, perfect for hosting your team!


2. Their brand new private bar, in said private courtyard. So you get the royal treatment!


3. Their scrumptious menu of burgers, tacos and pizzas. Always a crowd-pleaser!


4. Their amazing team that will make sure your party feels like a million bucks!


5. The cocktails. Don’t think, drink.



Find them online here.

Or visit them here in person:

16B Logan Road, Woolloongabba.

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