BT’s Guide to Outdoor Entertaining in Style

The weather is well and truly fining up and it’s time to get outdoors and soak up that warm breeze, the sound of crickets and the smell of all the BBQs happening down the street. Regardless of whether you have a big Queenslander-style verandah or a small patch of grass, you can still entertain in style. We’ve simplified the make-over process down to three simple steps. Read on for our guide to entertaining in your own home and get your pals counting down until the next shindig at yours.

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Lights, Lights, Lights

As the sun sets, a little mood lighting is a game changer. It takes very little effort to make the impression that of a lot of creative styling. That’s my favourite kind of styling, am I right?! It can be as simple as filling brown paper bags with sand and tea lights along the path leading your guests to their party space for the evening.

For a little more ambience, throw some fairy lights in surrounding trees or hang some lanterns on branches. The beauty is that they don’t have to be strategically placed – honestly, they’d look gorgeous if they were still in the knot you found them in after being stashed away from last Christmas.

Think about bringing some of your indoor lamps outside for a different touch – that way if a breeze comes along to blow out your candles, you can still see the bugs in your salad.

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Do Some Sprucey Brucey

Try sprucing up your area with a few new outdoor pieces to make your outside feel as comfortable and homely as your inside. You don’t have to spend the big bucks to make it look like an interior designer hit-up your space. Start collecting an eclectic mix of outdoor chairs from op-shops and mix it up with more modern touches like the affordable outdoor furniture from places like Super A-Mart.

If you’ve got an old rug or some cushions that aren’t getting used anymore, try popping them outside for a welcoming feel.  If you want to hit up some of Brisbane’s best op-shops, check out Never Ever Pay Retail for our city’s thrifting guide.

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Go Green to Deter Unwanted Guests

There’s nothing worse than being outdoors being eaten alive by mosquitoes and desperately hoping and praying someone says, “Shall we go inside? Is anyone else being bitten?”. Give the natural insect repellants a shot while also adding to your new stylish out-door pad. Fill some planters with herbs like lemon balm, catnip or the obvious one – citronella. They smell great to humans and awful to insects. Best.

If  you want to add a little colour to your abode – try marigolds or ageratum. I love me some marigolds. That could be because of my bias towards plants that don’t require too much attention. They definitely add a nice pop of colour to boot. You can read a little more about how to grow insect-deterring plants here. Don’t let those pesky buggers (HA!) stop you from a relaxing night under the stars.

 I hope this article has given you some inspiration to have a night off from going out and invite your mates over to make the most of your own backyard. Enjoy your spring time hurrah’s in your new stylish garden.

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** This post was written in collaboration with Super A-mart.

One thought on “BT’s Guide to Outdoor Entertaining in Style

  1. Ah yes, have been meaning to get my hands on some more natural mozzie deterrants like lemon balm and citronella – thanks for the reminder. I have the marigolds underway! And fairy lights too – you really can’t have too many, especially the white ones – simple and classy if you ask me. Also fighting off the ants now. Trying peppermint and clove oil – so far smelling good, will see if it keeps the little fellas away…

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