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BT Style With Dissh

Happy Friday Everyone!

I just wanted to stop by today and share some of these images from our BT Style collaborations with Dissh (you can find it over here) where we styled this great pinstriped shirt 5 ways, for 5 different occasions. We didn’t end up using them in our original post and they’ve been sitting on my desktop for weeks, so I thought they deserved to see the light of day. So here we are!

This was my favourite outfit combination that we styled because I love how these jeans sit, and the rips are perfectly natural and unforced. Despite an undeniable love of ripped, baggy denim, I’m yet to find the perfect pair. But it’s on my hit list this winter and the quest is ongoing (we style another pair of ripped denim in this post). I’m also still a huge fan of the pinstripe top because it is so versatile and goes with almost everything – jeans, pencil skirt, short shorts, denim skirt, tailored pants, midi skit…. the possibilities are endless! I need more of these kind of pieces in my wardrobe!

BT Style | Brisbane Threads BT Style | Brisbane Threads BT Style | Brisbane Threads BT Style | Brisbane ThreadsBT Style | Brisbane Threads

Have you found the perfect pair of ripped denim jeans? And how do you style them? Share your wisdom ladies!

2 thoughts on “BT Style With Dissh

  1. I LOVE ripped jeans and I am a sucker for wearing them with a basic tee and a nice simple necklace with curls or wavy hair. You can always add a jacket when you are too cold. My sister has been rocking the double denim look as well but I don’t know if I am game yet haha. Kate, Wondrous x

    1. LOVE that look too Kate, a classic favourite. I still can’t do the double denim yet… but I applaud those who pull it off! x

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