Brisbane’s Top Suburbs for the Hippest of Investors

Brisbane is well and truly starting to compete with Australia’s bigger, more trendy cities in food, fashion and culture. But don’t think that you’ve got to be based in the Fortitude Valley, West End or New Farm to experience the culture and class. Even some of our older suburbs are starting to look hip and happening.

If you’re looking for a new place to base your digs, here are Brisbane Threads’ suggestions for the hippest living. How did we come up with our list? We used our unrivalled knowledge of local cultural hotspots, paired with BOQ information on home loan and purchase price trends. Enjoy!

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Kelvin Grove

Do you like uni students? Well, they’re everywhere in Kelvin Grove. They pretty much clear out on the weekend though so you can enjoy all the Kelvin Grove Urban Village has to offer – food, culture, markets and shopping. This suburb has a great mix of old character homes and trendy new apartments.

What to do: Room 60, The Village Markets, La Boite Theatre


This is the only suburb on the list with its very own David Jones (if you’re into that sort of thing). If you’re anything like me, you might not have considered Toowong just based on the busyness of those intersections around Toowong Village. But there’s actually quite a few quiet, leafy streets hidden away.

What to do: SOL Breads, The Walrus Club, Nowhere Espresso


It’s no longer daggy! Over the last couple of years, yuppies have been busy buying up the old little homes and gentrifying the pants off of Mitchelton. The news has started to reach entrepreneurial hipsters, with trendy little cafes and stores pushing their way between the fish and chip shops and lawn mower repair stores on Blackwood St.

What to do: Jan Powers Farmers Markets, Delicatezza, The Gypsies Wagon

Holland Park

Holland Park is affluent and chic, full of stunning Victorian townhouses, high-class retail and restaurants, and a 22 hectare semi-wild woodland park. Wait, no – that’s the one in London. Our Holland Park is just as good though. It’s another one of those burgeoning suburbs, with old workers cottages getting facelifts right next door to chic apartment complexes. It’s the Mitchelton of the South!

What to do: The Rare Pear, Stomp Espresso

Camp Hill

Ask the locals and they’ll tell you Camp Hill is just like New Farm was twenty years ago. All I really remember about New Farm that far back was playing on the old steam train. Anyway, Camp Hill is a picturesque suburb full of big leafy trees and charming little cottages. There’s a café, shopping and cultural scene, but it’s not so overrun with crossfitters and trendy mummas.

What to do: Fig Tree Deli, In A Pickle, Has Beans

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