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Brisbane’s Best Hot Chips!

Is it coming in to hot chips season, or is it coming into hot chips season! Autumn started last week (gasp!), and although we’re sad to say goodbye to summer, we’re happy to welcome somewhat cooler weather, subtle layering, hearty comfort food and hot chips.

So without further ado, here’s our concise list of Brisbane’s best Hot Chips! Whether they’re loaded, rolled in a secret ingredient or far from the norm, we think we’ve found the best in the bizz.

Bread & Meat Co. – Real potato with skin still in tact, lightly crunchy and well seasoned, Bread & Meat Co. chips are a carnivores delight.

Chester Street – Crunchy, beer battered chips wedge-style, with aioli of course.

Papa Jack’s – If a slice of New Orlean’s is what you asked for, look no further than these fries with gooey cheese fondue and bacon pieces.

Lennons Restaurant – There’s 4 secret ingredients in the making of these chips, but I’m sworn to secrecy. You’ll have to find out yourself.

Yard Bird Ale House – Among a host of American-style bites, these chips are the epitome of all-American French fries that are highly addictive despite minimal flavouring.

Stokehouse – Chips, chilli salt and aioli must be a match made in heaven.

Grill’d – Grill’d is a crowd favourite for their inventive chip menu comprising of herby potato, sweet potato and zucchini fries.

Carolina Kitchen –They’re skinny golden fries with chicken salt, topped with cheese, chilli sauce and a good dallop of sour cream…. They’re New York Fries in Brisbane!

Woolly Mammoth – classic fries with ketchup, chips with a blue cheese dressing, Dutch fries with satay, mayonnaise and crispy shallot. Need I say more?

California Tacos Australia – If you’re up for a road trip, the California Fries are a mess of Mexican flavours piled high on hot chips.

 The Fox Hotel – A huge basket of skinny French fries with dippy sauce (best with a cocktail jug in hand).


So how did we do? Is there somewhere we missed and MUST get to ASAP? Let me know in the comments below.

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    1. Hi Elese! There’s SO many fabulous eateries in Brisbane that you must try when you arrive in town. Head over to our Food tab for all of our favourite Brisbane restaurants. x

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