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Brisbane Weddings: What The Guys Need

Everyone loves a wedding, but organising one can be one heck of a headache. So, we’re helping to make Brisbane weddings less stressful, and more enjoyable, especially for the happy couple themselves.

Over the next three weeks, we’ve got your go-to guide for everything you need to know about getting married in Brisbane. From suits for the guys and flowers to bespoke stationery and THE dress, we’re covering the best of the best when it comes to everything you will need for the big day! First and Foremost: What The Guys Need.

So, what do the guys need? Let’s be honest, they are (usually) the least maintenance and facials, makeup, exfoliation and nails are totally out of the question. Hair is a little bit debatable, let’s face it sometimes guys out there have better hair than the ladies and they’re not afraid to flaunt it.

If you are a guy (or perhaps you know one) who has recently become engaged, newly been appointed (or promoted) as the best man or received an invite to the wedding of someone special, you need to read, comprehend and maybe even memorise our guide to help you look your best. I mean, after all, this is a big deal…huge in fact. Movie tip:  #mybestfriendswedding is a small guide on what not to do, so guys get your chick flick movie night on and get in the spirit of preparing for the big day.

BT has teamed up with Politix, an Aussie Brand delivering unique and quality menswear to help men look trendy and smart, no matter the occasion. So when it comes to weddings, they’ve got everyone from the groom to the guests covered (check out the full collection here to see the range for yourself!).

What You Need To Know:

Politix has been Australia’s leading men’s outfitter for over thirty years and specialises in unique designs for casual, formal or business apparel, bringing a new take on Australian Men’s Fashion. Inspired by the sophistication and quirkiness of European fashion and the unique freshness of the Aussie guy – Politix is the best of both worlds.

The Groom: 

A slick black and white combination is a failsafe look for the most important man in the room. Whether you want to mix it up with a navy and black suit, a navy pocket square or a black lace bow tie, Politix has you sorted. When choosing your outfit you definitely need to consider the location of the wedding and of course the bride’s preference (happy wife, happy life). If it’s a beach wedding, opt for lighter shades to keep you cool, but if you’re going all out, black can go a looooong way. After all, this is your day, so put your own swagger into your outfit with a splash of classic style and you’ll have a winning combination when it comes to your wedding day attire.  Brisbane Weddings: What The Guys Need | Brisbane Threads

The Best Man:

Your job is to support. From standing by the groom’s side to making the perfect speech with a hint humour to supporting with the fashion side of things – you’ve got to nail your role as the best man. Current Fashurn trend: navy is in, and so too is grey and its pal maroon are totally in for the season ahead (Up the Broncos – they know their fashion!). Okay, best men, try and help your mate out as he probably has a lot on his mind, so don’t stray too far from the dress code brief and always ensure your accessories match the other groomsmen and of course, the bridesmaids. Depending on the colour palette, play with patterns, metallics and maroon hues as they have our vote this wedding season. If you want to keep it more simple and classic, stick with a grey suit and add colour in the tie, bow tie, belt, pocket square or cuff links. Last but not least, shine those shoes before the big day! Brisbane Weddings: What The Guys Need | Brisbane Threads

The Guest:

As a guest, you’ve got to be at your best… so be yourself, but dress according to the theme and formal expectations. Of course, Politix has you sorted with a whole collection of options to help you show some character in your suit and tie combination. Tip 1: Go with one block colour (navy, maroon, grey, dark brown or even black) for the suit, then make it your own with sweet shades, matching belt and shoes, a patterned tie or funky bowtie, pocket square, shirt, vest and socks (socks are still a very important element of your outfit, especially if you are one to get on the dance floor for a boogie). Tip 2: Go colour. Go quirky. Play with your personal style. Spice it up with a number of colours and patterns throughout the different elements of your outfit. If you’re afraid it won’t match our tip is to match the pattern to a base colour in your kit (look at the third picture below). If you’re getting a new suit for this occasion why not purchase one that you can wear again and again by mixing and matching the accessories. Brisbane Weddings: What The Guys Need | Brisbane Threads

So there you have it – the first part of our Brisbane Weddings series is done and dusted. Don’t forget, you can shop with Politix at one of their 6 Brisbane boutiques (more info and locations here), selected Myer stores around Brisbane and online with delivery to Aussie blokes far and wide.

Do you know a guy who needs to read this guide? Send him the link and make dressing for his next wedding simple and easy, so he’ll never be “that guy in the bad suit” ever again!

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