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Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need

Alright, ladies the BT edition of Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need is finally here. This one might be just a little longer than the guys (which you can find here) because this isn’t just any day, it’s THE DAY. Whether you are the bride, maid of honor or mother-of-the-bride, here is everything you need to steer you in the right direction when it comes to a wedding.

Let’s get started!

The dresses – for some brides and wedding party guests, the kit is all that matters. We are going to give you the full run down on what you need, depending on your role in the wedding. Here is everything the ladies need to know when it comes to Brisbane weddings.

The Bride:

It really is all about the dress. This is step number one to making sure the big day is memorable and is YOU in a dress. Have a peek inside the world of White Lily Couture. They have five appointment lounges and uninterrupted sitting areas for your maids and friends, making it comfortable and fun when it comes to choosing your dress. The Brisbane-based store has unique dresses, international brands and a wide range of sizes and styles that you don’t see everywhere and they certainly are not your basic wedding dress, so check them out!

Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need | Brisbane ThreadsAnother favourite of ours is Darb Bridal Couture. The Brisbane-based, award-winning designer and owner Brad Webb is known as the master of couture in Australia. Located in the Brisbane Arcade, one thing that we know here at BT is that Brad is adaptable to ideas, open to suggestion and gives the bride the last say, which is exactly what you need when trying on wedding dresses. The dresses are made for the individual.

Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need | Brisbane Threads

Don’t forget to your own personal style. If your style is vintage, Brissy has plenty to offer in this department – as always with vintage, you just have to look and rummage. Specialising in tea length wedding dresses, Silver Sixpence knows vintage inspired dresses. Located in the hub of Paddington, if this sounds like you, check them out – open by appointment only.

Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need | Brisbane ThreadsIf you’re getting the dress made to order, enjoy the ride! When it comes to supporting dressmakers, whether it’s a start-up designer or an established dressmaker, we say go full steam ahead ladies. If you know a brilliant dressmaker, leave a comment below so anyone reading along and find them too!

Tip: If you’ve always been a theme kind of girl and want everything to match, use your dress to set the theme and make all of the other elements fall into place so that everything ties together, from the table decorations and flowers to the bridal party and their accessories.

Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need | Brisbane ThreadsThe Maid Of Honour (MOH): 

You are the second rock on the wedding day (the first of course being the one on the bride’s finger!), and you’re the one the bride will rely on. To be the perfect maid you have to be a planner, and know her back to front! Now it is quite rare for the bride to leave your dress entirely and completely up to you, but if she does, don’t be afraid to go for something a little bit different to the rest of the bridesmaids. If halternecks are your thing, give it a go. Perfect a strapless with a bold lip, why not! As long as you run it by the bride of course.

In saying this keep your eye on all of the websites above and buy the bride a collection of wedding magazines to give her hints and ideas. If you just cannot find anything to buy, why not come up with some designs and go fabric shopping. Getting the bridesmaids dresses made can often be a bonding exercise, and it can end up being more affordable than buying dresses off the rack (plus you get to create something that you will love!). Get inspired!!! Look at patterns, lace and sheer fabrics, it’s the hard but fun part.

Other MOH jobs:

  • Wedding and Bridal Dress Shopping – Who doesn’t love shopping, although this particular type of shopping can become incredibly stressful, try not to let that happen and make sure you plan ahead to avoid these circumstances, they are never fun.
  • Hens Night – Alright ladies its party time! Make sure you keep it classy but in the words of the infamous Allan off the Hangover “Blood Brothers,” make sure you keep the gals together so know one ends up like Mr Chow. Brisbane has plenty of awesome locations for a night you’ll hopefully remember. Do activities in the lead up of the big day, or make it a complete girls weekend in celebration of the bride-to-be.
  • Kitchen Tea/ Bridal shower, or both – This job is open to interpretation. If your bride loves events and celebrating, there is no question, give her both! Giving them themes is always a good time make it all about her. Invite her friends and family (the ones she wants..this one can be tricky) and make the theme a little bit of her. If she loves Tiffany & Co, colour code the event in Tiffany Blue, or if she’s a bit of a bohemian spirit, beautiful blooms are definitely required.
  • Bridal Movie Night – This night is to relax your bride and show her how exciting the times ahead are with movies that have everything and anything to do with weddings. This can be done with the rest of the maids or a group of friends or just the two of you. If you don’t get all of the movie watching done in one night, why not do two or three nights, or even the week before if there is time!
  • DYI projects – Depending on how crafty your bride-to-be is, you might be helping prepare wedding or bridal gifts or hand-writing on invitation envelopes. Support her in her DIY efforts, you might even learn some new tricks!

The Maids: 

You guys are there to support the MOH and of course the Bride. When you find out about this honour, so you don’t end up wearing a dress you really dislike, buy her a hamper of Bridal goodies and start discussing ideas of her ideal bridal party. You don’t want to take over but ideas never hurt. Depending on the other maids, you could all wear the same colour in different styles, or different colours in the same style. When choosing the dresses, be sure to pick something that is flattering on every member of the bridal party, no matter their shape and style preference. Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need | Brisbane ThreadsThe Mother of the Bride:

If you’re the mother of the bride or more mature than all the rest of the wedding folk (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) check out Living Silk to get your frock from someone who knows their stuff. Living Silk offers stunning silk dresses, pencil skirts, formal gowns and shawls. It makes it easy to find the perfect outfit with the wide range of designs they have. Also located in Paddington, the family business loves silk and quality fashion, so there is something for everyone. It is your daughter’s day, but a little bit yours as well. So treat yourself, and make sure that for the many photos that will be taken that day, you look and feel your best.


Blk Ave hair salon – Located on Sandgate Road in Clayfield this beauty salon offers very reasonable and affordable hair treatments and also does tanning, makeup and weddings and events. This one has the BT tick of approval for sure!

Brooklyn Beauty Bar – Located in the heart of James Street, Brooklyn Beauty Bar is a one of a kind experience enabling their clients to receive the highest quality. We picked this one obviously for its excellent beauty services but who can deny some champagne too?! Brooklyn Beauty Bar is a beauty salon and a licensed bar to really get you in the celebratory spirit! Offering eyebrow sculpting/threading, lash extensions, half-hour ‘Glow & Go Facial’, Brisbane’s best nails and tans and most importantly, they have special offers so who knows what of nail party could come your way!Brisbane Weddings: What The Girls Need | Brisbane ThreadsMakeup: 

Jessica Peacock Makeup Artist –  Brisbane based makeup artist Jessica has over 10 years industry experience and uses only luxury products are used – this lady knows her makeup.

Janise Chan Makeup Artist – check out her Instagram here.

Mandi Anastasas Makeup Artist – check out her Instagram here.

Claire Howell Makeup Artist – check out her Instagram here.

Kayla Lapworth Makeup Artist – check out their Instagram here.

There you have it lovely ladies – What the girls need to know when it comes to Brisbane weddings! Stay tuned for the third and final edition of Brisbane Weddings, coming to the blog soon!

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any other helpful tips the brides-to-be and help another gal out! 

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