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6 Brisbane Suburbs We’d Love To Live In

It is no surprise that we love everything about Brisbane, but there’s some suburbs that shine a bit brighter and pulse with good vibes a little harder. They’re the suburbs that we love to visit for their art scene, retail hotspots, foodie delights and cultural venues. And sometimes, we even wish we lived there. Here’s the ‘burbs that made our top 6 list – but to be honest, there’s 20+ in the running for our favourite Brisbane suburb.


Everyone who knows Brisbane knows the hilly beacon of activity that is Paddington. Given Terrace and Latrobe Terrace are the pulmonary vein running through the centre of Paddington. Hosting a plethora of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, you can walk the strip and find something to tickle your fancy with every step. Paddington is also an architectural playground with maximised use of little spaces, heritage listed gems dotted over rolling hills juxtaposed with the occasional modern infrastructure. Also, plenty of greenery, which makes this lovely ‘burb seem like it’s much further than just 5km from the CBD.

New Farm & Teneriffe

New Farm and it’s hip neighbour Teneriffe are the riverside oases for people looking for a creative urban living experience. Art galleries here, there and over there, so if creative stimulation is what you are looking for take a wander around any block from Teneriffe to New Farm. With a large mix of apartments and houses these suburbs are high in capacity, but don’t be deterred by this, there’s definitely still space to breathe. Plenty of cafes and restaurants adorn the sidewalks, the Powerhouse stands tall as a bustling epicentre of the arts and New Farm park is a must for picnics, friendly BBQ’s, a wander along the river, a playdate with friends or a spot of exercise if you feel so inclined.

West End

Release your inner hippy vibes and don’t be afraid to be seen barefoot. There really is no other ‘burb in Brisbane that is anything like West End. Laid back is an understatement and neighbourly love is in wealth. If you want to feel earthy whilst still being inner City than West End is where you should be. The West End markets, at Davies Park every Saturday morning, have a little bit of everything from fruit and veg, live entertainment, trinkets, and clothing. The Boundary Street Markets (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are  also a good time for loves of local art, craft, food and produce. West End is also home to an awesome mis of multicultural cuisine, cute cafes and not a fast food joint in sight!



The gateway to the indeed glorious Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo, Samford is about half an hour north of Brisbane’s CBD. One look around picturesque Samford and you’d certainly be mistaken for travelling hours into the countryside. I describe Samford as a “Sunday” town; when the centre of Samford turns into a brunch and knick-knack extraordinaire. Samford is situated near a few little secret waterfalls too, so give us a shout if you’d like us to expose their coordinates. This little gem is the ultimate cross between vibrant city and country town vibes.

Shorncliffe & Sandgate

Think of an English fishing village perched on the seaside and you’ll be pretty spot on with your mental imagery of Sandgate and Shorncliffe – a bustling seaside metropolis with plenty to see and plenty to do. The long flat stretch that runs alongside the water is perfect for early rises to watch the sun come up whilst pounding the pavement. Of course it’s lovely at anytime of the day and there are always people out. Sit and watch the kite boarders cruise across the mini waves at high tide or take off those shoes and play in the pools of water at low tide. It’ll take you a while to run out of places to eat and by the time you do, you’ll definitely have your favourites already picked out for round 2. Good for the keen fisher, early rises and those who like the smell of salty fresh air.


This suburb might not look amazing or be close to anything special, but the rent is cheap and the food is in ABUNDANCE. Market Square is the absolute hub of affordable Asian cuisine and is a cultural experience to say the least. It’s not a fine dining experience, but fine all the same. Any Brisbane insider who loves food will tell you to head to Sunnybank for a truly authentic experience on Brisbane’s south side.

And there we have it – 6 Brisbane suburbs we’d love to live in. However an honourable mention must go to Hamilton, Northgate, Coorparoo, Cannon Hill, Red hill, Ashgrove, Morning side and Bulimba, all of whom would no doubt be included in our top 20 Brisbane suburbs. Of course, we are not property mavens, so click here and look to the experts at Templeton Property for a professional opinion on buying and living in Brisbane.

So, our dear Brisbane friends, what’s your favourite suburb in Brisbane, and where would you love to live if  you had no limitations? 

This is a collaborative post with Templeton Property, however all opinions are our own.

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  1. Love your informative & very funky website!
    What are the coordinates for those gorgeous waterfalls nearby Samford? Pls. spill ☺

    1. Hi! So glad to hear you love Brisbane Threads! Unfortauntely we don’t know the exact coordinates… Google Maps should be able to lead you there though.

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