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Brisbane Cinemas For The Funky Folk

Growing up in a rural town, going to the movies was always a special treat, regardless of the fact that the closest cinema was 160 km away, it was an outing I would look forward to for weeks. Since moving to the big smoke of Brisbane, going to the movies has become a common occurrence and the once special occasion has begun to loose its sparkle. That was of course until I discovered something I like to call funky cinemas, where you can take the wine into the cinema!

So if you consider yourself a funky hipster type who is just too cool for the mainstream cinema, I suggest you pop one (or all) of the following Brisbane cinemas on your hit list:

Palace Barracks Cinemas – Featuring the best in mainstream, arthouse and family films, the Palace Barracks Cinema is a winner all round. It doesn’t hurt that they are fully licensed and let you take your wine to your seat either. BT insider tip: Head to Libertine or the Chelsea bistro for an incredible meal before you enjoy your movie!

Palace Centro: James Street – Located in arguably the best shopping area in Brisbane, this cinema shoots straight to the top of the list. The venue plays host to numerous international film festivals and monthly Premiere Thursday opening nights. It is essential that you try their award winning olive-oil popcorn, with a glass of wine of course!

Blue Room Cinebar: Rosalie – Trying to choose where to go to dinner before a movie? Why not combine the two and head to the Blue Room Cinebar! With an extensive menu on offer, you can choose exactly what you feel like and it will be served to you while you are enjoying a feature film (hello roasted pumpkin pizza and rocky road bites).

Yatala Drive In’s – Located just 40 minutes out of Brisbane the Yatala Drive in offers a whole new perspective to a night at the movies. There is something about rolling the car into a drive in with a back seat pilled with pillows and snacks that makes my inner child jump for joy.

Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinema: Southbank – Running until the 15th of November, every Brisbaner needs to experience the Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinema while it’s in town. Grab a picnic blanket and your loved ones and head down to Southbank for a night under the stars. BTinsiders tip: go on a Sundae night for free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and don’t forget to use our discount code (details here) when you purcahse your tickets. You heard it all here folks!

With all of these options, why go to a normal cinema!

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