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Beauty Tuesday: With Brazilian Beauty

This week for Beauty Tuesday, we’ve handed the stage over to Francesca Webster, Founder of Brazilian Beauty and self-confessed Beauty Guru. We caught up with Fran recently to chat about the Brazilian Beauty empire, her favourite beauty treatments and her top tips to help you prepare for a night out on the town. Let’s get straight into it!

Brisbane Threads: How has the start of 2016 been for you and Brazilian Beauty?

FW: 2016 has been exciting so far! Brazilian Beauty has some big changes coming this year which we are extremely excited about. Our focus for this year is change and development and I think I have tried to take this on board as well for myself on a personal development level.

BT: What are your beauty tips to help women prepare for a night out?

FW: We know confidence is key, so when preparing for a night out make sure you are feeling 100% confident in the way you look and feel. Make sure you are not worrying about those stray hairs on your eyebrows, underarms or down there. The best confidence boost for me is a spray tan, it makes me look and feel toned and healthy. I always have a LED treatment the day before a big event because I can immediately see my skin glowing.

BT: How about in the week leading up to a big event… What beauty treatments and services do you recommend women do to prepare?

FW: The week leading up to an event would look something like this: 7 Days Before Event – Professional Skin Treatment, either Dermal rolling, Microdermabrasion or a Peel with an added LED treatment. 4 Days Before Event – All Hair Removal and Eyelash extensions. Two Days Before Event – LED Treatment. One Day Before Event – Spray Tan. Day Of Event – Professional Makeup application.Brazilian Beauty | Brisbane ThreadsBT: Tell us about Brazilian Beauty and what makes it different to other salons…

Brazilian Beauty is a leading Australian beauty salon franchise, with a national network of 21 independently operated luxurious salons. Our extensive range of treatments and services are performed by qualified, highly professional therapists who aim only for the best results. At Brazilian Beauty, we are dedicated to helping you Look, Live and Feel Gorgeous.

BT: What are the top three services at Brazilian Beauty?

FW: Our top three services would be Eye Treatments first including Eyebrow waxing and tinting and lash tinting, then be Brazilian Waxing and last would be professional Skin Treatments.

BT: Finally, do you have any makeup advice for Brisbane ladies?

FW: Here’s what I have learnt:

  • Never be afraid to try something new.
  • Know your skin tone and play off your hair and eye colours.
  • Make sure your main focus is on eyes OR lips, never both.
  • Do not conceal – accentuate your features and uniqueness.
  • Enhancing your natural beauty will always be more flattering than a heavy canvas of makeup.


Thanks Fran for stopping by Brisbane Threads this week for Beauty Tuesday! You can read more about Brazilian Beauty, the services they offer and locate your closest salon here. I’m stopping by my local salon this week for a treatment, so I’ll let you know how it goes… stay tuned!

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