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Boychoir – A Review

Stet, a troubled and angry, 11 year old with a gifted with a beautiful voice, is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he is enrolled in the prestigious American Boychoir School. A fish out of water, he soon finds himself at odds with the school’s strict choirmaster (Dustin Hoffman), and must learn the balance between talent and hard work.

Boychoir is predictable in its form: a child from the wrong side of the tracks, guided to realising their full potential by a strict but kind and dedicated teacher. It is a movie that is enjoyable enough while you’re watching it, but doesn’t warrant too much analysis when plot holes develop.

Boychoir centres heavily around performances of the choir itself. The singing is the saviour of the film; it is beautiful and the talent of the young boys is astounding. However, if you’re not a fan of classical music, you may not enjoy the film to its full potential. It is also laden with intricate musical theory to display the true technique in singing, but this will be lost on people who haven’t studied music. The film is definitely aimed at a niche market, but those in the industry will enjoy it throughly.

Without the musical element the story seems under-developed and explanations as to ‘why’ are missing. Like why Stet interested in classical music in the first place? How did he manage to learn the music theory so quickly?

Sure, the performances are unconvincing in parts and the film falls a little flat by the end, but for those who enjoy music theory and choral singing, this film is wholeheartedly for you!

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