Bossy Hair 5 minute hair PART TWO

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Last week was part one of the wonderful educational series that comes courtesy of the team at Bossy hair, tonight I bring you part two!

The double braid: Braid your hair quite low (near the ears around one side, and copy on the other side (so you have two braid pigtails. Once they meet in the middle, run the two ends over each other a few times until there are no ends left (you know how you used to flip your pony tail in on itself to get the cute twisted middle? Just like that). Secure with a couple of bobby pins.


High teased bun: Give yourself a very high cheer leader pony tail, right on the crown on your head. From here,  tease the life out of it (similar to picture one). Once you have a truck load of volume, loosely twist the hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins.



1920’s Finger Waves: Curl your entire head with teeny little ringlets. To get them this tight you need to hold the hair firmly and pull it very closely to your head. From here, simply brush them out.



DIY Colour smudging: Have you ever wanted to try a fun semi permanent colour on the ends but have been too scared? The technique is quite easy, simply tease your hair so you are left with different lengths, then using a brush free hand paint the colour to the ends. This leaves you with dip dyed ends, without the perfect finish.



Thank you very much to Bossy Hair for spending the night entertaining the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers! If you are after any of these hair-do’s and can’t recreate them yourself, head in there and say Tegan at Brisbane Threads sent you!

Love Tegan x

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