Bossy Hair 5 minute hair “How-To” PART ONE

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Tuesday night saw the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers head on down to Bossy Hair in Kelvin Grove to film “How to” Videos for “Easy, 5 minute, DIY Hair”.

To give you a little background, Bossy Hair is a chain of Gold Class Salons across Brisbane, with locations in Windsor, Kelvin Grove, Mount Gravatt, Buranda, Bardon and Milton ( With a focus on creating amazing, creative, high quality styles, this is the place you want to head for any form of hair engagement or change up that you require.

Better yet, Bossy Hair Kelvin Grove is also the training academy for their wonderful apprentice stylists, so each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.30am to 4.30pm all hair styling, cuts and colours are 50% off! I have a few uni friends who utilise this all the time and they come out with wonderful hair for next to nothing.

So, today I bring you part one of the hair styles created, with a short little “how to” so they can be recreated at home.

Waterfall Braid: (pictured above) Curl your hair using your GHD or curling iron of choice. Sprinkle over the hair a little magic dust (matte texturising powder such as Osis Dust it or Taft Styling Powder) and rub it through the hair like you are rubbing butter and flour together when making pastry. This gives the hair some grit and sexy texture. Start braiding from the front, as you braid around “drop” little bits out of the bottom section of the plait as you go round (to give the wispy tendrils you can see falling down). Repeat on the other side, then tie in a knot at the back.


Knotted Up Do: Curl and create texture in the hair using the same dusting procedure described above. From here, create a simple low pony tail, leaving a rough third of the hair on the left hand side front out (this will create the chignon). Once the pony tail has been secured, grab the third you left out and loop it over the pony tail, securing with a bobby pin. This creates the look in the first picture, which is gorgeous. If you want to go one step further, tie the pony in knots (literally, section into two pieces and tie them around each other). Once the knots are tied, move them into a rough bun shape and secure with bobby pins.



Rockabilly Quiff: This one took a total of about two minutes. Simply curl your hair forwards towards your face with your GHD. Add some magic dust and hairspray to create grip and texture. Once loosely curled, grab the front section, twist it back over itself to create the roll, and secure with a bobby pin.

And you are done! Next week, I will bring you some more looks that were created on the night, courtesy of the wonderful staff at Bossy Hair.


Love Tegan x

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