Blair Witch Midnight Screening | Dendy Portside

90’s kids unite! The cult classic horror movie Blair Witch Project, initially released in 1999, is getting a makeover!

Well… kinda. The second installment follows on from the initial movie two decades later where James, a college student, stumbles across the archive footage from the original Blair Witch Project which he thinks features his sister Heather and the nightmare of her experiences in the haunted Black Hills forest of Maryland. Getting the help from 3 of his friends, he embarks on a journey in search for Heather. But it isn’t long before the group starts experiencing the same events that occurred to Heather and her film crew…

Our favourite cinema Dendy Portside are holding an exclusive midnight screening on the night of the 14th of September and the morning of 15 September – this Wednesday night and Thursday morning! Coincidentally, the witching hour…

Get into the spirit with some Brisbane ghost stories before the movie kicks off + some awesome lucky door prizes to be won as well!

Blair Witch - Dendy Portside | Brisbane ThreadsGet more info on the film here:

Get two tickets from their website here:

Why two? Because this is one movie you won’t be wanting to watch by yourself…

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