The blackest of all sheep

Hiding in the industrial streets of Woolloongabba is my favourite of all the coffee shops! I am almost tempted to not give away the address for fear that all the hipsters of Brisbane will travel far and wide just to get a taste of one of Brisbane’s most perfectly extracted espresso. Black Sheep is more than a coffee shop. It is an iconic, right of passage for all coffee lovers…or tea lovers, or hot chocoalate lovers or chai lovers…[the staff at Black Sheep are a very inclusive bunch]. 

Behind the roller-door lies a whole new world of coffee orders! Where coffee is sometimes single origin (always delicious), the staff are kind, caring and hilarious AF and the coffee is out of this world amaze balls! There is no pretence at Black Sheep, just honest people making delicious coffee. Owners Katie and Mark and manager Renee place real importance on sustainability and I LOVE that they actively recycle, encourage people to use reusable coffee cups and don’t have plastic straws (FYI paper straws are where it is at). #WarOnWaste

Our attention to ethics in sourcing coffee and tea where environmental and human standards is a top priority. It’s more than coffee, it’s about community, people and relationships.

I’ve been heading to Black Sheep for nearly three years on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Many of my children’s milestone moments happened in this very coffee shop. It is more than a coffee shop, they are like family!  They roast their perfectly selected beans onsite so you know it is the freshest coffee money can buy. They also stock delicious treats; pastries, donuts, cookies and cakes all vary on a daily basis. If your not into coffee, rest assured the tea selection at Black Sheep (all loose leaf and specialised) is just as boutique and hand picked.

If you’re more of a coffee-at-home-kinda-folk; you can also buy your coffee in 500g or 1kg bags, as beans, ground for stove top, filter, espresso… and when you do purchase coffee beans you even get a free coffee to takeaway! #WinWin

So if you you haven’t yet stumbled across Black Sheep now is the time to get stumbling.

P.S.Want to read a little bit more about our editor Emmy aka me?  Earlier this year I was interviewed as part of the ‘Meet the Regulars’ series for the Black Sheep BLOG.  #Blushing

Website | Instagram | Facebook | 109 Norman St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102 | Ph: (07) 3891 2979 | Trading Hours Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday 7am – 12pm.


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