Black Hide – A Steak Affair

Black Hide Steakhouse by Gambaro has certainly earned its station as a popular and favoured steak house. I don’t say this with bias either; Black Hide was indeed awarded Australia’s best steak house in 2014. Quite the achievement considering they opened their doors under two years ago.

An evening of steak turned into so much more when we were ushered into an intimate room and handed a glass of Moet. The lights were dimmed and one could have been mistaken they were about to be moodily romanced. A quick eye dance around the room evidently exposes Black Hides love for beef. Their aesthetics are easily recognised in a spread of simple, elegant and relative décor.

John Gambaro chatted with me about his ideals, placing explicit emphasis in the need for value. With so many smaller restaurants and markets popping up in the Brisbane area John is adamant about not becoming complacent and always challenging the forever changing market head on. With an attitude like this it’s easy to see why the Gambaro name so well known and respected.

Black Hide Bar and Dining Area

Sitting down to a long lavish table John addressed the group and spoke a little of his family’s extensive experience in the industry, including old endeavours and new. Brendan Menegazzo from Stanbroke graziers’ talks about the quality assurance Black Hide guarantee with every steak they serve. Brendan exudes confidence in the product that Stanbroke provide and his passion for beef is evident once again sharing John’s belief in value. Boasting cuts with a marble score 3+ and Wagyu 5+ along side a 100% Halal certification, steak connoisseur or not there’s room to be immensely impressed. After a few words from Lukas, the chef about the menu and unique preparations techniques, we tuck into the first course. A light feast of ox-tail ravioli with beef and mushroom consume. Tick, delicious. The second course Steak au poivre with bone marrow hash and red wine jus. Tick, delicious. The third course grilled wagyu sirloin, roast potatoes, asparagus and bernaise. Tick, tick, tick, delicious. Cooked to absolute perfection, the first three courses danced into my mouth as joyously as the wine was being poured into my cup. To say it was the best steak I have eaten in my entire life would be absolutely correct. Followed closely by some lemon sorbet or for technicalities sake a palate cleanser (yes, I had ask and then google). Makes sense though, to cleanse the mouth of previous culinary delights for more culinary delights… Do they have such things for life in general? Desert brought up the rump with St Emillion with cumquat and crème frîache naturally nothing less than the deliciousness that was expected.

Every meticulous detail oozed excellence for the evening, John and his crew thrive for brilliance, and the best part of all is it comes at no extra effort. The goal for the evening was to showcase their love affair with steak, but they achieved so much more. They created an experience that I’ll certainly be ranting about for a long time to come.

Drool over the menu here.

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