Beverages of Brisbane

Confession time…

My name is Carmel and I love to have a drink, whether it be Friday night with the ladies, a slow summer sunday on a shady veranda or just an evening tipple with good company I want to be there.

Since coming home from London I’m constantly impressed by all the new pretty places in Brisbane, you’ve really grown into your looks Brisbane.  My list of new favourite places is going to be VERY one sided on two counts, 1) it’s mostly city and southside locations and 2) there’s a lot of whisky.

I live on the south side and I love whisky, don’t worry though, I am committed to visiting everywhere in Brisbane, and I really like other beverages too – so if you’ve got some recommendations for my North Side adventures or varied suburban gems throw them at me here or on our Reader Challenge!

Mr & Mrs G

A cute little spot by the river that kinda looks like someone threw up a roof and windows added some furniture and called it a bar, Mr & Mrs G is both adorable and fun! Great for cocktails with the girls, it’s a bit on the money talks side with a delicious cocktail setting you back about $20.  The service was impeccable though and they have style and presentation down to an art.  My drink of the night – Triple Malt Fashioned, channel Mad Men and misbehave with this little glass of joy.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.51.03 PM


Dark, hidden and with prettiest display of whisky’s I’ve seen for awhile this place was heaven!  Super cute bartenders too *winkwink!  Great for a sexy date or just a nightcap, these guys will send you home happy.  My companions raved about the great wine and cocktail selection but for me, well I couldn’t go past the 18 year old Macallan.  The bartenders are also very skilled at picking your new favourite based on past tastes if you’d like to try something new.


I love the Woolloongabba precinct, when I was little this place was all boarded up and miserable and now look at it! Beautiful.  Canvas is super cute with wonderful staff, great interior and the drinks menu makes me want to do a happy dance.  I loved my visit, although my company was pretty spectacular too.  The Liam Neeson had me Taken with it’s very specific skill set, skills it clearly acquired from a very long career, but it was no nightmare, it was a dream!
Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.51.17 PM


Wonderful hipster West End, a constant joy to my life, Archive’s been around for some time and is becoming an old favourite for me and mine.  Trivia nights, pool tables and comic book wallpaper has me set up for a special experience.  It’s all about the beer here, wrap your lips around one of the many specialties (I’m a lager girl), or get some whisky/beer love with a boilermaker! My favourite is Sunshine on the Glen.


Another West End joint, this place only opened in August and I think we found it by chance.  Teeny tiny at 69 Vulture street this place was lots of fun, very kitsch with its range of board games and bench style tables.  Check out their awesome cocktail list, they come in big glasses and make you want to dance.  They’re specialty is Gin cocktails and they know how to put a drink together wind your way over and love it like I do.

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