Beauty Tuesday: Salty Locks and Shiny Teefies

I recently got to try some of LUSH’s new products. Lush has for many years been one of my favourite brands. I love the part they play in the world and for the environment so I’m always keen to try their latest and greatest. Today I’m talking toothies and hair.

Sea Spray – This is one of those everyday products that you’ll use constantly, or until it becomes no longer cool to look a bit effortlessly homeless-chic. I’ve been using this every day – wash or no wash. A few pumps and scrunches and bobs your uncle, you’re ready to roll. 13901714_10153842719768481_1534770384_oMr Dandy’s Candy – This product is technically for thin hair I think. My hair is anything but thin but I really love it. Because I’m not a super hair-producty kind of gal, I really only use this a couple of times a week when I need to look a little more controlled and professional. If I have a meeting or I’m heading out in the evening my system is:

  1. Wash (sans conditioner)
  2. Wrap hair in towel for about 20 minutes / give a bit of a towel dry so it’s no longer dripping wet
  3. Rub evenly throughout hair – start with the tips and work about half way up your hair length. Give it a nice scrunch.
  4. Let dry naturally if you’ve got naturally curly hair or roll your hair up in a bun to dry that way.
  5. When you’re hair is almost dry pump some sea spray in it and give it another jolly tussle.

Play around with the amounts of hair candy, I need a bit more because I have about ten women’s worth of hair on my head. Definitely bear in mine that the combo of these two products can tangle that bajeebas out of your hair if you’re knot careful (yep, you liked that). I have so much hair that it’s really easy to tangle though so let me know how you go with this, maybe it’s not an issue for normal people.

Conditioning cake – I rarely use conditioner. I like my hair to look a bit messy (some may say ratty) and have lots of volume and I find that conditioner creates too much of a polished look for me. HOWEVER, to keep it in line I do use it about once a week. This product is perfect for me. It did take a little getting used to. For years I’ve used apple cider vinegar for conditioner because I found it works a treat. But I’m glad to have come across this cake of conditioning soap. It does feel a little strange to rub soap into your hair in this form but you get over that and your hair thanks you for it in the form of softness.

ALL collage

Toothie tabs & tooth fairy powder – It took me years to find a toothpaste that I like. I’m a super fussy toothpaste user. I like the herbal ones because I’m scared of chemicals in my mouth and unfortunately that’s come with the mild sacrifice of that super fresh breath feeling. I’m scared of anything that claims to be ‘whitening’ so generally steer clear of these products personally.

I tried making it over the years but I’m also scared of things that taste weird and my home made toothpastes always tasted wrong somehow. My husband likes a foam. SO basically we need something fresh and foamy to please us both. I trialled both the toothy tabs and the powder (and so did said foam lover). Both ticked his boxes of foaming nicely. So the taste was the deciding factor. Both have somewhat of a bicarby underlining flavour to them which I think I was mentally prepared for but if you don’t like a salty-ish flavour these may not be for you. They are definitely still super minty fresh though.

I think the tabs won in terms of taste and freshness. I love the idea of the powder – just being about to dip a wet toothbrush into the powder and presto! But not so handy if you have friends staying and they need to borrow your toothpaste etc. The tabs were a weird concept to me but once you wrap your head around it, so handy! Chuck a bottle in your bag and before a meeting have a munch and rinse and you’re making all kinds of good non-garlicy impressions!

So that wraps up this review of Lush’s latest prods. Have you tried any of them? We’re always keen to get your opinions so let us know!

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