BE GREEN in February

Can you believe it’s almost February already!? Oh how time flies when you’re having fun conquering your new year resolutions.

Traditionally, January is the it-time to concentrate on yourself, set new goals, enjoy “me” time and work to make your dreams come true. So now that it’s February and your January goals are a work in progress, what’s your new micro-mission? Ours is to have a “green February” (don’t panic, we’re not talking about kale and spinach infused juices)!

We’re making February a BE GREEN month in celebration of our fabulous planet. We’ll be living more sustainably next month, starting with a few earth-conscious changes in our daily routine. It doesn’t take much to work towards a more ecofriendly lifestyle that fosters moral and ethical consumption. We hear the karma is also good when you consider the longevity of the earth in your everyday tasks.

Here are our top tips on how to BE GREEN next month…

1. Use a glass water bottle instead of a disposable one. Eco-friendly Brisbane store Biome stocks Australia’s best (and most stylish) range of top quality, long lasting, leak-proof, BPA free water bottles that’ll have you saving money, reducing plastic waste and looking as stylish as ever. We love the Lifefactory glass water bottles.


2. Instead of snapping up a fast fashion bargain this month, purchase an ecofriendly investment pieces from our fashionable favourites flying the eco-loving flag including AnnukkaHarriette Hill, Pure Pod, Sinerji and the sustainability stylish crusaders at Undress Runways.

3. If a stylish, comfortable, functional bra update is on your horizon you must check out Nico Underwear first! Nico is the first Australian underwear brand to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia for their use of sustainably sourced materials and onshore production. And the best part – price points are on par with mass-produced designer lingerie!


4. When your everyday cosmetics and toiletries run out, head to LUSH to replace them. Among many things, LUSH uses ethically sourced quality ingredients on their locally handmade products and they support grassroots charities, reduce landfill and are a key player in the fight against animal testing. AND, their complete range of products always attracts a crowd at the local shopping centre (they’re really that great).


5. BYO everything – whether it be an environmentally friendly shopping bag for your groceries, a travel mug for your morning coffee or a packed lunch full of fresh food and no waste.

6. Ditch the polish’s with nasty chemicals and get your nails in shape with Kester Black’s range of vegan nail polishes in bright colours.

7. Put down your car keys and get behind the wheel of a bike one day a week (or more for bonus karma and health points). 99 Bikes have you covered when it comes to swapping four wheels for two, especially if you’re choosing something from their Pedal range (our favourite is the Pedal Uptown). Check out our collaboration with 99 Bikes here.


8. Shop at your local farmers market when you can. Fresh fruit and veg direct from the producer is often cheaper, tastes better and ensures your produce stays fresh and crisp for longer. Plus, by shopping at a farmers market you’re supporting our local growers and their livelihood. Check out our post on Brisbane’s 17 best markets for some inspiration and direction.

9. Pick up and devour the current issue of Peppermint for all of your sustainability inspo – from DIY projects, slow fashion appreciation, discussions on social issues and informative features to the best in eco accessories, natural beauty, art, film, design, lifestyle and culture. It’s a fashion and lifestyle magazine that is green to it’s core – printed on an FSC-certified printing press, 100% carbon neutral and with editorial integrity, meaning they only support and advertise those whose values are in line with their own. The summer issue “You Are Enough” is out now!


How are you going to make February a little more “green” for yourself, and the world around you? Everything counts!

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