I love chocolate. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate.  I’ve met Krsna the creative genius behind BASIK Chocolates on many occasions this year and every time he excites me with his passion and love for delicious, honest and tasty AF food! He also brings me delicious, hand crafted chocolates that are #AnythingButBasik… so it’s no secret that I adore catching up with him to hear all about his delicious new creations.

Krsna, where did your love of freakin’ fabulous food come from?

My household. I was surrounded by great home cooks growing up, especially my Mum. Her philosophy was cooking meals that reminded her of her childhood memories. Quality of produce was key and also cooking from scratch. As an example, if she made a curry, she’d make her own chilli paste and even then it was cooking via instinct, always pushing to find perfection.

BASIK Chocolates is your food baby… what is the inspiration behind BASIK Chocolates?

Basik Chocolates is the the baby project; the inspiration behind Basik Chocolates is as the tagline: “Anything but…” I want to have customers look at something like a chocolate; that aesthetically is ‘basic’ but has so much more depth. Basik Chocolates are a surprise that you are partially aware of… but you don’t anticipate the journey of the flavours inside.

I’ve tried some pretty out there flavour combinations which are #AnythingButBasik like Pistachio Praline & Bacon, Mandarin & Matcha and my FAVOURITE Lemon & Thyme. Actually every time I indulge in a BASIK Chocolate I have a new favourite!! Can you tell us a little bit about your flavour combinations?

This is a tough one for me, I don’t really know how some of these combinations just come to my mind, I can see them working together and I’ll have a rough idea on where to start. Some are through inspirations or just browsing the internet. The Kaffir Lime & Sichuan Pepper flavour was inspired by my favourite chips by Red Rock Deli: Lime & Black Pepper, so I guess there is endless possibilities with combinations, just depends on what works and so far I’ve been fairly lucky with my instincts haha.

How does BASIK Chocolates stand out from the crowd?

Flavour is always going to be the priority but I think what really separates my work is I’ve weaved a bit of my personality within these creations through the concept of narration(s). Growing up, I enjoyed talking, story-telling & presenting. I had a small stint during my final year of high school and post high school doing a little improv stand-up comedy and I always promised myself that if I created something, I would incorporate my story-telling into my work. I believe the narrations not only reflect a sense of fulfillment as you are walked through a personalised culinary foodgasm (if they get one) but imprints a unique sensory experience amongst their unforgettable memories.

What do you want people to experience when they eat BASIK Chocolates?

Flavours that rocks their palate into another dimenson. A feeling that strikes them as ‘outside the box’, memorable or crazy/wild. I guess anything other than plain jane (ordinary). I want people to feel and think about their own unique experience when eating BASIK chocolates.

TGINF!! (N=nearly #amiright) What’s your drink of choice? Cocktail? Coffee or Tea or Wine?

Whisky, in particular Single Malts. It’s unique, the characteristics and notes within it are just astounding. Starting to learn and appreciate a glass of Red (wine), this is relatively new escapade. I was never a big drinker of coffee or tea growing up but I have come to appreciate them more now more or less because of the variety available. My brain just sorta lights up like a Christmas tree when I see unique drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic that have crazy notes. Call it an occupational hazard 😛

Inspiration? Where do you draw it and what inspires you on a daily basis?

Food inspiration can come from anything and everything. I love discovering new combinations just from research or just having a punt at trying to marry two combinations. Inspiration for life, I think just comes from the “want” to create. I’m quite hands on I guess, I found a quiet whisper that has called me out to the food world and I guess chocolates is the first avenue, hopefully there will be more individuals and things around the world that will inspire me moving forward.

Describe your daily style?

Ahh yes, BT needs to know my daily style haha. I have a small background in Menswear fashion, mainly men’s shoes. I would say I’m a lover of Chelsea boots, jeans/chinos and an oxford button collared shirt. Simple taste.

How do you wind down on the weekend?

I’m always on the go and I work the weekends. Oddly enough my weekends are sometime during the week, even then I find myself engrossed in work. Aside from doing research for new ideas, going out with friends to hunt for food.

You’re a massive foodie at hear (that’s one of the reasons we love you); where are your favourite places to get a feed in the city?

Oh I don’t really have any super favourites in the City aside from the occasional birthday visits to Moo Moo’s for steak. Might seem odd, but growing up in Malaysia, made me fall in love with Chinese style dumplings, so New Shanghai’s pot stickers with chilli oil is my go to. Otherwise, I’d have to say my ultimate favourite is a new one, and it’s not too far away from the city. King Tea’s down on La Trobe in Paddington, easily my favourite tapas in Brisbane, affordable and an epic feed.

Finally, we’re all massive coffee lovers here at BT… so what is your go-to coffee / go – top coffee spot?

Oh dear, I’m not that much of a coffee fiend, I’ve only just sorta gotten into it thanks to my best mate, who happens to be a Barista. I’d say either Black Sheep Coffee in the Gabba as the team there is fantastic or alternatively a place closer to me, the boy’s at Josie North Coffee have always served a good cuppa and serve some excellent banter.

And finally what’s next for BASIK Chocolates?

Trying to reach out to more, doing more specialty events, creating more crazy flavours. A little goal I have for myself is to create a successful pairing with a long list of Australian Native Bushtucker ingredients. Other than that, come what may!

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