Shhhh… can you keep a secret?

Fancy going to a chocolate degustation? Hold the gosh darn phone… What is a chocolate degustation I hear you ask? Well it is only one of the most fabulous food experiences of your life! I know, I know huge call… but once you sink your lips around BASIK Chocolates you will never go back to the old ‘favourites’ again… #TRUSTME

So can you keep a secret? Join creative and chocolate maker Krsna (the head genius behind Basik Chocolates) as he leads you through an experience your taste buds will never forget. SECRETS by BASIK Chocolates is hottest night this festive season, held at one of our favourite venues Electric Avenue.  And not just at Electric Avenue, but inside their hidden Whisky Wonderland aka Jack Rabbits Whiskey Bar. SECRETS will be an experience… this is not just about eating chocolates lovers… Krsna also narrates the flavour profiles of each of his chocolates so while you’re eating the chocolate you get to truly experience all the sensations.

Imagine a night which starts with cocktails and canapés before you are led down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of chocolate treats including ‘Christmas themed’ BASIK Chocolates with matching alcohol pairings!

I have the privilege of attending a BASIK Chocolate degustation event for food bloggers and let me be very honest… prepare to have your mind blown! What Krsna creates is nothing short of amazing, the flavour combinations of his chocolates are unlike anything I have ever tasted in my life!

These Christmas themed BASIK Chocolates will include ingredients such as wattleseed, rum, orange and ‘egg nog’. And if I know BASIK Chocolates they will be paired with unusual combinations like smoked pepper, matcha, maybe even caramelised candied fruit. I’m just guessing here… the only thing I know for sure is that Krnsa will pick flavours that will make you go CHICK CHICK BOOM!

Last week we chatted with Krsna the creative behind BASIK Chocolates and we think you will agree that the masterpieces he creates are #AnythingButBasik! Check out our SPOTLIGHT ON ARTICLE  for everything chocolate, inspiration and a sneaky side dose of style.

Tickets for Secrets by BASIK are available here. Run don’t walk, cause rumour is this will be the hottest ticket in town this Festive season.

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