Nice to meet you, Bar OTTO!

It’s practically corporate wisdom by the time 5:00 PM Friday afternoon rolls around weekly debriefs and catch-ups are essentially mandatory, and there’s a fresh jewel in the heart of the CBD to be just that. You might even be in the loop about its divine counterpart already – the exquisitely curated Italian cooking that is, OTTO Restaurant (a total BT favourite). After its namesake, Bar OTTO is located at 480 Queen Street. Just ride the elevator to the fourth floor and there you will find a charming bar modestly perched alongside a handsome waterfront view with the Story Bridge intact. Pixie lights and all…

So indeed, on Friday afternoon, there I was. Happily nestled in a little nook of Bar OTTO with a spread of Italian aperativo’s before me, drinks in hand. I caught up with a girlfriend who works in Eagle Street, another reason this fits the perfect after work drinks bill. It’s SO conveniently located.  We chowed down some of my cult favourites – a serving of arancini balls, the salt and pepper calamari, two natural oysters and the entire cheese board because heck, who can choose just ONE cheese. Definitely not this girl!


One word. YUM. The arancini come by the seven (yes, seven) so perfect to share. In all my time as a serial arancini consumer, that is truly a first. If you are usually a little uncertain of oysters, these are perfect to try with eschallot and black pepper.  The salt and pepper calamari comes with a lime mayo – a perfect accompaniment. Last but not least, the cheese board comes by three and is served with quince paste (the sweet part), a crispy Sardinian flatbread as well as a soft bread, Lavash. I could probably polish a kilo of that on its own, to be honest! There was a lot of “TRY THIS” “OMG YUM” with the occasional wide eye happening. Pop an espresso martini into that mix and you have all the ingredients (literally) for a perfect afternoon.

On that note, Bar OTTO offers a long and divine wine list. It’s loaded with Italian varieties from the Tuscan region, French champagnes, and premium Australian and NZ wines too. You are in good hands, my friends.


Bar OTTO is open weekdays, Monday through Wednesday from 3 PM to 10 PM and Thursday and Fridays from 12 midday to 10 PM.

No bookings required. Enjoy!



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