Here at BT we are a little nuts…

As you probably know, we here at BT are a little nuts! Nuts for nuts that is!! And as the festive season hits us, be assured that Australian macadamia nuts will be on our menus.

Why Australian macadamias? These nuts can be sourced from local growers here is SE QLD #carbonfootprint, they’re all sorts of good for you, and of course, they taste amazing. They are after all Australia’s local nut!

With their shells on they provide a source of entertainment as the cracking can be done with a purpose-made macadamia nut cracker; TJ’s Nutcrackers, (which have been specialising in Macadamia nut crackers for twenty years) or alternatively (as my childhood memories are triggered), with a trusty old hammer and a good whack!

Shells removed and the macadamias aren’t only a tasty snack by itself but can be a popular ingredient in a number of delicious recipes for this festive season.  They have a great nutritional profile and being high in good fats, they can also be good for the ticker, keeping those arteries clear! #winwinwin

So add some crunch to your salad, sneak a few into your Xmas cookies, rocky road,  or pop them in a bowl for your guests to nibble on. You’ll be the “host with the most” this summer!

For more macadamia inspiration and recipes head to Australian Macadamia.


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