Attention coffee lovers – Merlo’s Cold Press has Arrived!

Attention coffee lovers! Merlo Coffee has officially released the Black Bear Cold Press; cold coffee for the coffee purist!

Even if you’re not coffee fan, I’d be extremely surprised if you didn’t recognize the blue and white brand that is Merlo. Dotted all around the city, Merlo has been making coffee for many, many years and has been voted Brisbane’s Best Coffee, twice.

I’d also be surprised if even the weakest of coffee palates didn’t like the latest addition to Merlo’s range. It is rich and sweet, and is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the flavour of coffee.

The beans are Merlo’s own and are brewed, cold pressed for 24 hours and bottled. This is literally cold coffee, making it different from baristas’ previous attempts at iced coffee: an espresso shot added to cold milk, ice and/or ice cream.

Black Bear, for now, is sold at any Bar Merlo for $5.50 a bottle.

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