Ask a Stylist: Winter Weddings

winter wedding

Q. What can I wear to a wedding in Winter?

Autumn/ Winter is definitely a favourite time of year to get married and with this comes the dreaded ‘what to wear’ and ‘how to stay warm’ issue.

I have quite a few weddings to attend in the coming months so naturally I’ve found myself scouting the stores in the hope for something that ticks all of the following requirements:-

  • Stylish
  • Warm
  • Dress Code Appropriate
  • Within My Personal Style

I can tell you … Its not easy finding something that comes close to ticking even 2 of those boxes, let alone every single requirement. Generally, I find it both incredibly easy and rewarding to shop for others and extremely hard to shop for myself – That’s right, the Stylist needs her own Stylist! (I’m sure this is the same theory as the painter who never takes the time to paint his own house) Maybe it comes down to me being too picky or simply not having the patience to ensure that I look as good as my clients. Whatever it is … I thought I’d do a little post and pretend that I’m on the hunt for a client which in turn will give me some stylish ideas too and alas it worked …

Read the full article here… 5 Autumn/ Winter Wedding Outfits.


Love Elisha x

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