Anti-Smoking Campaign to Make-Under QLD Women

P4 communications agency in conjunction with Queensland Health is launching the second phase of its smoking campaign “If You Smoke, Your Future’s Not Pretty” to target young female smokers.

The focus of the campaign is to spread that message that smoking is not only bad for your health, but also has a huge impact on your physical appearance, particularly premature aging. “If You Smoke, Your Future’s Not Pretty” directly targets young women who do not seem to be considering the long term health effects, but, perhaps in vein, may pay attention to the effect it has one their physical appearance.


As part of the second phase of the campaign P4 are back on the road with their pop-up makeup booth travelling Queensland’s coast giving regular women a ‘make under’ to demonstrate the real effects of smoking on physical appearance. The pop-up makeup booth is travelling from Brisbane to Townsville, Rockhampton, the Sunshine coast and back to Brisbane over the next two weeks.

Recent research suggests in Queensland alone, 14.6% of women aged between 18 and 24 smoke daily, a large number considering their age and the proliferation of anti-smoking campaigns that have occurred in the public eye throughout their lives.

The first part of the campaign and make under program was launched earlier in the year with former Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch and Health Minister Lawrence Springborg on board.

In May, Rachael Finch took part in a make under where her face was transformed with makeup to resemble a woman of her age who had been smoking for 15 years with side effects including premature wrinkles, bags under the eyes, a dull yellow-grey complexion, damaged hair cells, discoloured fingernails, oxygen and nutrient deprived skin and stained teeth.

 rachael finch after

To get involved, keep your eye out for the  roaming makeup booth that will travel to the following locations to give women a make under, and then reverse it to have them leave feeling refreshed and healthy, but with a peep into their future if the continue smoking.

Rockhampton Stocklands Shopping Centre

Saturday October 18 – Rockhampton

10am- 4pm

Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydoore

Thursday October 23 – Sunshine Coast


Westfield Garden City

Saturday October 25 – Brisbane


2 thoughts on “Anti-Smoking Campaign to Make-Under QLD Women

  1. This makes me even happier that I finally kicked this nasty habit 4 years ago. It’s quite incredible the way the combination of oxygen starvation and chemicals can affect your skin. As Queenslanders we already have sun-damage to worry about without adding smoke damage!

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