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Because the staff down at Angus Black provide our Brisbane men with only the best threads, we thought we would take the chance to get to know them a little better. (If you head on down to the store, and mention that you are a Brisbane Threads reader, you will also receive 10% off until the end of March.) However it is imperative that you read the history of Angus Black himself, in order to gain true insight into the meaning of fashion and everything worthy of style;


“   Angus Black was born in 1909, the son of the greatest butcher in all of the land. From a young age he was taught the importance of a quality cut.

 During his life, Angus prided himself on his attire and appearance, travelling the world in search of the perfect wardrobe made from the finest of fabrics, and the softest of hands… Feeling weary from his travels, Angus settled in the quaint little village of New Farm in Brisbane, with the intention of continuing his father’s legacy.

He opened a butcher shop down the road on Brunswick Street, and would walk to work every day on the same path, carrying the same blue and white apron thrown over his shoulder.

 He lived a long and prosperous life and would become known more for his sartorial choices than the meat he sold on a daily basis.

100 years after his birth, Angus’ legacy was kept alive with the opening of his namesake store, stocking the finest cuts from across the Australian landscape, in his old butcher shop.

Some say to this day, his photograph and apron can still be found at number 354, Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley…     “

Brisbane Threads:  So the history of Angus Black is pretty interesting. Do you think Angus is still alive within the store?

Angus casts a discerning eye over every aspect of the store.

BT: Where would we find Angus on a Friday or Saturday night in Brisbane?

Friday night drinks at The Bowery Bar, Saturday morning a hearty breakfast at The Gun Shop Cafe, Saturday night The Cross Town eat house, Sunday serving up a tasty BBQ.

BT: More importantly, what would he be wearing?

Friday night a sharp suit, paisley bow tie and blue nubuck leather shoes. Saturday rolled up chinos and a short sleeve button up shirt. Sunday arvo slightly crumpled chinos and a blue and white striped apron.

BT: That being said, what does Angus predict in terms of menswear to be a big hit in Brisbane in 2011?

Snappy dressing- young gentlemen presenting themselves to the best of their ability.

BT: You stock some pretty cool brands. Vanishing Elephant, Jamie Fame, Ksubi, Black noise white rain.. to name a few. Do you have a particular favourite?

Vanishing Elephant and Mr Simple, respectively.

BT: What do you think Brisbane has to offer that is unique in terms of style and design?

Brisbane’s men are relaxed and colorful (the locals are not afraid of sporting a splash of color).

BT: Menswear is changing, and your store is right ahead of the pack in providing an outlet for greater expression and style for the male Brisbane population. What do you think has influenced this change?

Technology- Our followers have access to international trends at their finger tips and are both educated and discerning in their tastes and quest for self expressionism.

BT: And so it is goodbye Etnies and Travisty…

.. And hello Dapper Dan, Man About Town and Another Man (for some light reading material)

BT: Are there any plans to open a second store, or do you plan to stick to the original?

Propagate, Consolidate, Educate.

BT: Any Plans to start an online shop? — check it out.

BT: Tell us a bit about the staff at Angus Black…:

AB: Pascale– The mother of Angus, style advisor to the young lamb chops.

Isaac– The two-timer resident at Fallow and enthusiastic stand in at Angus.

Austin– The quiet achiever, Creative and coordinated.

Julian- Eager to please, our little cutlet.

BT: Any chance of an Angus Black clothing line? Perhaps it would feature a blue and white apron?

AB: Prime cuts coming soon, stay tuned!

So boys, head on down to Angus Black for 10% off on the greatest brands in Brisbane.

Love Kirby ( x 

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