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Spotlight On: Amy And Emma Sheppard Style File

We wanted to start the new year with a bang and give you a taste of what’s to come for the next 52 weeks here at BTHQ, and there ain’t a better way to do that than with an interview with two local gals who are taking the world by storm. Of course, we’re talking about Amy and Emma Sheppard! Alongisde their brother George, guitarist and producer Jay Bovino, guitarist Dean Gordon and drummer Michael Butler, Amy and Emma are Sheppard, the indie-pop band from Brisbane that has been wowing the music industry since this chart topping hit.

We’ve been following their journey as Sheppard for the last couple of years and while their musical success story is nothing short of inspiring, it’s Amy and Emma’s quirky sense of style that really got our attention (okay and maybe the mermaid-esque blue hair!). We caught up with Emma to chat about the sisters personal style, key trends for summer and why they love Australian designers. Amy & Emma Sheppard Style File | Brisbane ThreadsBT: Hi Emma – thanks for taking the time to talk to Brisbane Threads! How’s the last year been for you both? 

ES: This year has been so crazy. Everything that happened at the start of the year feels like it happened years ago, it’s been full on but we have definitely had fun!

BT: We love your style here at BTHQ, can you tell us a little about your personal style. 

ES: I wouldn’t say I have one particular style, but I guess it just depends on how I feel for the day. I do, however, love bold statement pieces that you don’t normally see people wearing.

BT: What inspires you when it comes to fashion? 

ES: I think I just love being original and different. That’s why I like to look to young, emerging designers for inspiration.

BT: What are some of your favourite Australian brands? 

ES: Australia has a fantastic culture of great emerging designers, which is why Amy and I are always searching for the latest trends in our own backyard. Some of my favourites would have to be Jaime Lee, Dysnea, Each to Own, Soot., Tilly Jewellery and Zulu & Zephyr.

BT: What trends are you loving for summer? What pieces will you be living in? 

ES: I always love the off the shoulder look. I just think it’s a style that really suits me, and my bust size (haha!). They can either be worn casual or dressed up which I also love!

BT: If you could only pick one item in your wardrobe as a favourite, what would it be? 

ES: I have a pair of D.I.Y Panida sequin jeans that are just epic, but I probably won’t fit into them after Christmas if I’m being honest…

BT: When you are performing or attending a special event, how do you decide what to wear? Does it depend on the event and location or do you work with a stylist? 

ES: Every event is different for us, particularly depending on the event format and location. If the event is big we like to get a stylist to help us out but for smaller events and gigs we just tend to dress ourselves.

BT: Finally, what has been your fashion highlight of the year? 

ES: I love the lace-up heel look, my favourites would have to be a beige pair from Scanlan and Theodore even though I don’t own a pair =(Amy & Emma Sheppard Style File | Brisbane Threads

To catch all of the band action, behind-the-scenes peeks and it-girl threads the girls are wearing on stage and at home, be sure to follow Amy (@amysheppardpie) and Emma (@emmashepparddd) on Instagram.

Images courtesy of Andrew Wilson / Dirty Love Photography and Amy and Emma Sheppard.

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